Home Entertainment Kast sets off on 2, 000km walk this weekend

Kast sets off on 2, 000km walk this weekend

Kast sets off on 2, 000km walk this weekend

Local rapper cum marathon man Kast has confirmed he will embark on his mammoth 2, 000km walk this weekend.

The music mogul told Voice Entertainment he had intended to start the walk earlier but was forced to postpone for a number of reasons.

“There have been a few logistical delays here and there but time is now of the essence and we can no longer put it off, so we have to start this weekend,” revealed the singer who made headlines last year when he sold out the National Stadium with an all local line up for his Tlasta Lebala event.

Unlike last year, when he personally completed the entire 1, 000km distance, this time Kast will have help from a number of volunteers, who have pledged to do part of the walk for him.

“We have artists and organisations who have come on board and will walk some of the distance for me. So I may not necessarily walk the full 2, 000km,” he explained.

“This year or rather this weekend the first stop will be in Ramotswa, then Lobatse, Kanye, Gantsi, Maun. We will be doing about 40km per day and eventually increase the pace as we go on,” continued Kast, adding that the walk was part of his campaign to raise awareness of the need for an arts council, which he believes will go a long way in assisting the industry.

It is a campaign that outgoing President Ian Khama endorsed at a Kgotla meeting in Broadhurst recently.