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Just seven days?



I bought a microwave from a store in Gaborone.

After sometime I realised it was not a built in for my designed kitchen.

I pleaded with the management to take it back.

When I returned it we realised that the knob for turning the plate was missing.

As it was not checked when leaving the shop we could not know whether the microwave left the shop with that knob or not.

They took it back and gave me a voucher for my money. I did not mind that.

Now my problem is that they want me to use the voucher (P1 200) within seven days.

My argument is that I have not won this voucher and there is nothing I want to buy within seven days.

I want to use the voucher at my convenient time because it’s my money not a gift.

First things first. The store has actually been quite generous in taking back the microwave.

They weren’t under any obligation to do that.

It wasn’t their fault that the microwave didn’t fit into your kitchen, was it?

They weren’t obliged to do anything to help you, particularly as it was missing a part that could have been lost by you.

I think you’re lucky to be dealing with a store that wants to help you out.

Meanwhile this business about the voucher only lasting seven days seems a bit unreasonable to me.

I understand that it can’t last forever but a week seems a rather short time.

Maybe a month or two, maybe even 90 days would be more reasonable.

Given that the store have been reasonable so far I think it’s worth asking them nicely to extend the validity of the voucher to 90 days.

It’s worth asking at least.

We’ll also be happy to contact them to see if they can’t continue to be a generous company who want to help their customers.