Just crack the whip

Daniel Chida

Kablay urges Masisi to fire underperforming ministers

Botswana Democratic Party’s Chief Whip in Parliament, Liakat Kablay, has urged President Mokgweetsi Masisi to crack the whip on ineffective Ministers.

Kablay, who was buttressing views raised by the backbench during the BDP and Members of Parliament retreat over the weekend, said that ministers have a tendency of not utilising funds allocated to their ministries. “We know that they like to please their bosses by returning funds to government after the end of each financial year. Returning the funds is not an achievement. You have to deliver on what we promised the people in our manifesto,” he said in an interview with this publication.

He advised the president to set an example by dropping those not delivering from his cabinet and appoint new ones.

“It will look like our President is failing but he is not; it’s the ministers who are failing him. Some of the ministers who have come under fire from the public for underperforming include Minister of Health, Edwin Dikoloti, who is also MP for Mmathethe-Molapowabojang, and Minister of Transport and Public Works, Eric Molale, who is also MP for Goodhope-Mabule.

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Dikoloti has been put under the spotlight for failing to provide medication in hospitals.

The state of the health sector has been described as terrible, a situation that Masisi confirmed during a press conference last week.

Masisi said that he recently engaged Dikoloti and his assistant, Setlhomo Lelatisitswe, about the state of affairs at their ministry.

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