Jeyes fluid horror
LUCKY TO BE ALIVE: Baliki Waniwa on her bed

Trio survive inhaling poisonous cleanser

One death nearly turned into four in Sebina on Wednesday morning as three women mourning the passing of their mother were rushed to Sebina clinic after inhaling Jeyes disinfectant and cleaning solution, which had spilt inside the tent they were sleeping in.

The Waniwa family have their Gods to thank, as the scheduled burial of their mother this Saturday could have turned even more tragic.

According to Michael Khonani Waniwa the family had spent the day preparing for their mother’s funeral.

“The day was passed reminiscing about our mother’s best days and what she used to say to us when we were young,” explained the third born in a family of five.

He said when he retired to bed on Tuesday evening nothing was amiss, and, although sad to have lost their mother, his siblings were in high spirits.

“It was only later, in the dead of the night, when I heard a commotion and distressed voices coming from outside.”

The Zion Christian Church (ZCC) Pastor said he went outside to enquire further only to find his three siblings sprawled on the ground.

Jeyes fluid horror
DANGEROUS FLUID: Michael showing the cause of distress

“One was unconscious while the other two could not stop vomiting and seemed to have difficulty breathing,” he said, adding that the trio were quickly rushed to a nearby clinic around 3am.

After being observed by a nurse, two were released in the morning while one remained behind as she was still very weak.

“They seem to be doing well but I can tell they are still shaken. I’m worried about my sister who’s at the clinic, she looked pale when I saw her earlier this morning,” said Michael.

The Voice paid the hospitalised woman a visit at the clinic and, just as her concerned brother had observed, she presented a sorry sight, drips sticking out of her frail arms.

Mustering all the energy she had, Baliki Waniwa, 39, told The Voice she fears she inhaled most of the potentially toxic solution whose chemical composition include tar acid and combustible gases.

“The splatter of the solution was right beside my head and I took most of it. I threw up everything I’ve eaten in the last day and have lost a lot of water, hence these drips,” she groaned, inadvertently losing more liquid as silent tears trickle slowly down her cheek onto her pillow.

To add to Baliki’s anxiety, she says she has not see a doctor since her admission.

“I’m weak, I’ve lost my appetite, but I was told there are no doctors here,” ends Baliki dejectedly, the pillow now soaked in the worried woman’s desperate tears.

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