The father of an alleged notorious criminal gang leader, Ditiro Godfrey Ngakane, ironically known as ‘Jesus’ says he has given up on his son’s behavior.

Jesus who has been trending on television news and social media is said to be a dangerous armed robber.

The 17-year-old is said to be a leader of a gang which is terrorising residents of Mmopane and other areas in Gaborone.

On Thursday he made news headlines as he was paraded on national television with his alleged partners in crime following a police arrest.

Yesterday (Friday), just a day after he was released from custody, he was trending on social media after he was beaten up by a mob for breaking into a house in Block 7 and allegedly stealing a laptop at around 2pm.

In an interview with The Voice today, Jesus’ father Boiki Dibotelo said he raised the boy alone after his mother dumped him when he was three months old.

He said his son grew up as a disciplined and humble child and that he only changed when he was doing Form 2 at Ledumadumane JSS and became rebellious.

“I was summoned by the school head several times about his behaviour. He was stealing from other students, bullying others and dodging classes. Teachers told me he had joined a gang of other school drop outs in Mogoditshane. I did all I could to bring him to order but I failed. At some point he came home under police escort wearing school uniform for house breaking offences which he committed in Block 6. I took him for counseling but his behaviour never changed,” said Dibotelo.

He said his son ended up quiting school and became a thief.

Dibotelo said last year December the boy stabbed someone with a knife and he was detained at Moshupa boys prison.

“I refused to sign for his bail because I wanted him to learn a lesson, unfortunately his mother went to sign and he was granted bail. A day after he was released he attempted to rape our neighbour’s little daughter. I really don’t know what got into him. I hear he was caught stealing yesterday and people hammered him. I will not visit him at Marina,” said Dibotelo.

According to his father, Ditiro was a good football player and his fans started calling him Jeso (Modimo wa bolo).

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