Jeans for life

Denim or jeans are a very popular form of casual dressing around the world and are always an easy number to wear.

Not only that they are always a fashion statement as they are being revolutionised every now and then.

From tapered, skinny and boot cut you find them all to fit bodies of all shapes and sizes.  Besides the ‘jeans’ which are more common and found in almost everyone’s closet there are also denim shorts, long and short skirts, jackets, dresses and dungarees.

The good thing about jeans is that they know no weather as they can be worn with any top. And now that its Spring time they will come with vests, sleeveless tops or anything that will make one cool and still making a denim fashion statement.

This week, the co-owner of Bogarti Fashion store, which is located in Mowana shopping centre in Phakalane, Sadia Pandor shows off some of her jeans collection and the summer tops that they can go with and of course the shoe to complete the chic look. Choose what suits your style and look classy in jeans this spring.

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