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Jazz X Change on a mission

Jazz X Change on a mission
PROMOTING MUSIC: A. Rahman El-Kindly and Ophius Siyabonga

In their effort to nurture musical talent in the country, Jazz X Change train artists, instructing them on the ‘essence’ of the industry – teachings that include stage etiquette, music business and management and ‘how to play their music right’.

30 days of intense training is followed by a live performance as the artists – both aspiring and established – showcase their newly acquired skills.

Founded in 2013, Jazz X Change is a live music performance platform, which has hosted, groomed and opened doors for various local artists, including Sereetsi and the Natives, Kabo Leburu, Perfect Pitch and Mpho Sebina among others.

Speaking to Voice Entertainment this week, the initiative’s founder, Rahman EL-Kindiy admitted the project comes at a great expense, which includes advertising and marketing as well as paying for the venue.

“For the past four years we featured about 36 shows for different artists. We give them a platform for high performance standard after going through this development programme. Our aim is to bring artists or bands that are amateurs or seasoned musicians and veterans, put them in one studio and produce good music. We want to run a show that would basically develop musicians to a much higher level in the region,” he explained.

For his part, Ophius Siyabongo, the lead singer of Ecstasy Roots, who recently completed the 30-day course, stressed that the experience was invaluable to the band’s development.

Describing the programme as an ‘incubation period’ that had completely revolutionised his mindset, Siyabongo urged other artists to sign up so that they can ‘grow’.

Jazz X Change’s next show, at which Ecstasy Roots will be performing, is on the 25th of February at Masa Square with tickets on sale at P200.