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Jazz must fall

Jazz must fall
Jazz must fall: MC Maswe

Word on the Francistown streets is that a few Francistown based artists are ecstatic at the recent postponement of the inaugural Francistown Jazz Festival.

Francistown based artists were not happy that they were left out of what looked like the biggest live show ever in the city.

Although most did not openly voice their displeasure some, like the legendary MC Maswe spoke-out.

Maswe took the opportunity to voice his concerns at a recent Francistown City Council Awards where he condemned promoters who continue to sideline Francistown artists in their own backyard.

Maswe appealed to the City Mayor,Silvia Muzila who ironically was the face of the jazz show to look into events happening in her city and only support those with the ability to grow and nurture Francistown talent.

“We never get invited to perform at Gaborone events, so why should we sidelined even in our own backyard,” quipped Maswe.