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Jack’s gym endorse x models agency

Jack's gym endorse x models agency
IN PARTNERSHIP: Leatile Motlhalamme and Jagdish Shah

Jack’s Gym led by its Director, Jagdish Shah, last Friday signed an endorsement deal with X Models Agency which will see the two companies trading services.

The endorsement which was signed at CA Sales offices in Gaborone will see 20 models from X Modelling Agency using the gym for free for a period of 12 months.

In return X Models Agency will organize and execute photo shoots for Jack’s Gym. The models will do photo shoots and short films for marketing purposes.

Jack's gym endorse x models agency
CREW: X Models Agency

In an interview with Feel Good It’s Friday, X Models Director Leatile Latty Motlhalamme said that models from his agency will be obliged to promote Jack’s Gym on all social media and marketing platforms.

“This is an initiative by corporate firms to assist youth owned businesses to blossom which in turn helps the government’s mandate of uplifting the youth,” explained Motlhalamme.

Motlhalamme further said that the new relationship is a sign of growth in the fashion and modelling industry as it shows that local modelling agencies are finally realizing some ways of joining hands with corporate companies to maximize profit.

“This will help us to make a living out of our talents as we won’t be spending money on training facilities,” he said.