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‘I’ve changed my mind!’

‘I’ve changed my mind!'
ACCUSED: Phadisa


A man who had previously admitted to killing a mother and her daughter shocked court this week when he dramatically changed his plea to not guilty.

Proclaiming his innocence, 32-year-old Daniel Phadisa claimed he only confessed his guilt at an earlier mention because he was arrested at gunpoint and feared for his life.

Phadisa, who resides in Extension 27 in Gaborone, is a suspect in the Independence Day murders of Gomolemo Motladiile and her mother, Bembe Magosi, which took place at Phiring location in Broadhurst.

It is alleged that, despite being cousins, Phadisa and Motladiile were lovers – a relationship that Magosi reputedly disapproved of due to their family connections.

During the mention, state prosecutor, Onkemetse Modukanele pleaded with court not to grant Phadisa bail, noting that the matter was still fresh and investigations at an initial stage.

“Phiring residents and the deceased’s family members are likely to pose a danger to the accused person if granted bail. We are still waiting for the post-mortem of both deceased, which has not yet been conducted,” said Modukanele.

Revealing that the murder weapon had not yet been found, the prosecutor went on to say, “The investigating officer in this case has not recovered the weapon that was used to kill the victims. I am therefore pleading with the Court not to grant him bail as he can interfere with our investigations.”

Presiding over the case, Magistrate Gaseitsewe Tonoki further remanded the suspect in custody.

Phadi, who like the deceased is originally from Lerala village, will next appear in court on the 1st of November for another mention.