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Mariann Birkedal (L) will represent Norway at the Miss World pageant, while Miss Norway 2010 Melinda Victoria Elvenes, (R) will represent Norway at Miss Universe in five weeks in the USA

By Gontse Gareebine-Bass in Olso, Norway
Botswana-born beauty beats the blondes to become Miss Norway 2010

All eyes are on Africa right now. With South Africa’s Bafana Bafana beating France, and Ghana beating America last Saturday at the World Cup matches, I watched with pride and joy here in Norway, as Botswana-born Melinda Victoria Elvenes continued the African magic by living up to her middle name, as she scooped the renowned Miss Norway 2010 crown right under the noses of equally imposing opposition.
In two contrasting climates; one of long and bright midsummer days in Norway, and one of short and bitter cold days in southern Africa, 23 year-old Elvenes was on June 26 crowned Miss Norway 2010.

Melinda´s mother Sally Baatlhotse and Melinda´s grandmother Mrs Elvenes with winning smiles

Wildly cheering her on were both Norwegian and Batswana fans.
With her striking features of high cheek bones, a strong jaw and a pointed nose, Elvenes combines the best of sunny Africa’s fiery hot Chic with snowy Scandinavia’s ice-calm and collected Cool.
Norway is well-known for its beautiful women and Elvenes, despite hot competition, was voted favourite during the last leg of the contest, walking away as queen amongst 400 hopefuls who had taken part in Miss Norway 2010.
The graceful beauty Melinda Victoria Elvenes, who lives in the Nordic country, was born in Maun, Botswana to a Motswana mother, and a Norwegian father. Proud of her heritage, she had the audience in stitches when she said tongue in cheek, “I was born to a Motswana mother and a Norwegian father, but my mother is now a Norwegian citizen, and my father has become a Botswana citizen.”
Upon receiving the title, she said, “Words cannot explain how I feel right now. It is a great and a wonderful surprise to say the least. I have been myself throughout the competition, and I think it is important to be oneself at all times.”

Model and Miss Norway 2010 Melinda Victoria Elvenes

With the title draped gracefully over her elegant shoulder, Elvenes will hold the Miss Norway title (Frøken Norge in Norwegian) for a whole year, and with it comes the opportunity to represent Norway at the Miss Universe pageant to be held in Las Vegas, USA in August. “I am looking forward to taking part in Miss Universe, which I see as a key to many different and exciting doors,” she said.
Also crowned during this annual competition was Mariann Birkedal, also 23, who will represent Norway at the Miss World competition to be held in Vietnam in October.


  1. mara maun o tshwere gotlhe,all them beauty queens ba tswa motsing.bo Kaone,etc

    but nothing much to say cos looks like she’s a foreigner now wil she ever be a maunian again.so we cant really be that proud.






  3. wena koko o bua yone koko tota, utlwa gore wareng, ‘those blondes’ who is being racist now. ntlhaa ke tsholetswe ko zimbabwe mme gao bue sepe, mccw!

  4. @blastah..dnt b bitter her mom is a motswana what do u min Melinda is no motswana,just coz da dad is 4rm norway n deyr located der.NO ur wrong dear.CONGRATS MEL!!!

  5. This is Melindas mum. All the negative comments about my daughter are actually proving that she is simply the best. They motivates her and make her even stronger. That means she did something good that some people are so jealous to just swallo the pride and say congrats. whether they like it or not we are proud Batswana period. Get a life. good luck. I thank everyone who wished my baby the best. Pula.!!!

  6. mara kokwana o sematla tota ,if motho are someone is blonde is it racist or a feature ,you are a reall kokwana so ke tsaya gore Koko o go feta ka thaloganyo no wonder koko>kokwana .stop being stupid ka gore renna le makgoale bone ba lablana Blondes,brunettes ,Red hairs just to name a few as much as rona batswana go nale ba ba light coloured and so forth that aint racist.Congrats for Beating them blondes dear.We are proud

  7. Batswana i am very ashamed of some of you who are jealous and saying bad comments about Melinda, she is a motswana why cant u be proud of her and stop saying she doesnt deserve to be a motwswana!!! for god sakes her mom is a motswana the blood of botswana flows in her, so all you negative idiots out the… piss off!!!! and i wish her luck she is a true inspiration and it proves batswana can do anything if they set their minds to it. PULA!!!!!

  8. Well done gal, whether she is blonde or black she is a motswana since she appreciate that & she is proud of her background. Some batswana think that one has to be 100% black to be a motswana which is wrong thus why xenophobia & racism will never end, ppl lets celebrate with those who have made it.Peole lets appreciate our rainbow nation, United we stand divided we fall

  9. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion I really dont see any negative comment here. they are all positive(depends on how you look at them) what the other guys are saying is this can inspire BATSWANA but we cant really say she represents Botswana and I doubt her agents will let her put Botswana before Norway she is MISS NORWAY. Obama doesn’t say his Kenyan cos if he was he wudnt be president of USA. I would love to believe the same applies for Melinda. I am glad to see a “Motswana” prosper I wish her all the best and hope she makes both countries proud.

  10. @Mothusi, you have explained this very well. All we can do is to celebrate her victory but it’s just emotional support nothing else. What we r proud of is her Botswana roots, it doesnt necessarily mean that Botswana has 2 benefit from her achievement, she doesnt owe botswana anythin n botswana dont woe her, jus lyk Zidane doesnt owe Algeria anything, he sings the French National Anthem proudly

  11. That lady, Melinda Victoria has proved something to the world. She has emerged victorious like her name because of self confidence. CONGRATULATIONS MAMA. Please come to botswana one day and celebrate with us.

  12. Obviously this chick is Norwegian. How else would she have entered the pagent? So, it ain’t one bit a win for Bots. Or the headlines would have been “Motswana Scoops Norwegian Pagent”, or something along those lines. I hope she does well for her country (Norway) next in Las Vegas.

  13. How I wish the way we celebrate Miss Norway would be the way we celebrate our Miss Botswana.

    Off course the gal is beautiful and mind you, majority of children born by black mothers and white fathers are always beautiful. ke kabo ke re ke motswana wa maun fa ene e le jaaka Kaone.

    I thought if my father e le mongwato, mme e le mokwena go raya gore ke mongwato jaanong go fetogile leng gore e re fa rragwe Melinda e le Norwegian and the mother motswana re bo re re becasue she won a title jaanong ke motswana.

    Gape Melinda o tsere bontle mo go mmagwe Sally, gore o tsholetswe kae ga se issue.

    She is Norwegian, thats why she was allowed to enter Miss Norway.

  14. She is not African, with her white Parents she is representing norway wich is in europe not batswana/Africa . The only reason racist norway let her win the pageant is because she is light skinned with white family (only mother is black). No REAL african woman would enter and win such competition in such country. Just look at her, straight hair light skin and features of a european. No africa queen could not care less what she calles herself

  15. congrats to you both!
    Mariann Birkedal and Melinda Victoria,

    I am pretty sure that they’ll represent Norway at Miss world as well as Miss Universe so fine!.

  16. Melinda Victoria, you go girl..God will be with yu all the time. know that our Lord was rejected but at the end he was victorious, so be strong girl

  17. keep it up babe girl. show them in Botswana we are beautiful than any nations in Africa. kna ko west Africa rona re bona dilo.

    world cup e ne e re bontsha bompi jo bo sisibanyang mmele. di homo-habilis.