Isaac Kgosi fired
FIRED: Isaac Kgosi

# ‘The most powerful man in Botswana’ cut down to size # Masis flexes his muscle and fires ‘untouchable’ Kgosi

For many, the news that Isaac Seabelo Kgosi was sacked as head of the “feared” Directorate of Intelligence and Security Services (DISS) was received with jubilation.

The axing of Kgosi has been hailed by many as President Masisi’s highest watermark in his quest to defeat corruption, as the new president alluded to in his inauguration speech.

Kgosi, who was for a long time part of the former President Ian Khama’s inner circle was “relieved” of his duties four years shy of his contract expiry.

The 59-year -old notorious spy chief who was implicated in many corruption cases has been replaced by his long time “adversary” Brigadier Peter Magosi.

Magosi whose name was under the spotlight for his alleged hand in the infamous killing of John Kalafatis and later the missing spy equipment was fired by former President Ian Khama back in 2016 from the Botswana Defence Force (BDF) Chief of Staff and Commander of Ground Forces position.

The two-army men’s relationship further soured back in 2015 when Kgosi allegedly reported Brigadier Magosi to the Directorate on Corruption and economic Crime (DCEC). Although the DCEC found no dirt on Magosi, Kgosi was to later launch an investigation against Magosi for the alleged disappearance of the BDF intelligence surveillance equipment.

Some see Magosi’s appointment as karma for Kgosi who has also been fingered in a number of corruption cases.

Kgosi has been accused by many of abusing his powers as the head of the Directorate and using his office to misuse government money.

His name is in the centre of the ongoing National Petroleum Fund (NPF) saga where money now tallying up to P200 Million has been “illegally” milked off the fund.

Now that Kgosi is no longer “untouchable” it remains to be seen if the DCEC will finally add his name to the list of those charged with money laundering after his name has been called out in court by some of the accused persons.

Reached for comment the Former President spokesperson, George Tlhalerwa candidly said that President Masisi was free to “fire” and “hire” whomever he wishes.

Tlhalerwa said that Khama did not interfere because he (Khama) does not want to be seen as ruling from the grave.

“You are the very people who tomorrow will be saying the former President is ruling from the grave. No Masisi did not consult Khama, he does not need to, Khama handed the Presidential seat to Masisi just like he said he would so it is Masisi’s prerogative whom he chooses to surround himself with,” Tlhalerwa explained.

The Voice reached out to the former DG for comment but he was unavailable. Magosi’s phone also rang unanswered.

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Down with corruption! If the President is willing to cut down corruption no matter how big the entity then we may be in good hands.
Botswana does not need corrupt parasites!