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Is this a real job?



I was in contact with a woman from the USA who I met in Mozambique at a meeting last year.

Then I hinted I was looking for job and she indicated she will assist.

In January 2016, I received an email, supposedly from her saying I should email my CV to her and the HR office of Valero Energy Corporation.

I did that and someone from supposedly Varelo sent an Employment Application form which I completed on January 28.

The next day I received a letter of offer from supposedly Valero.

My sixth sense then indicated all is not rosy, as this might be a scam, but it does not follow the description of scams.

My suspicion is based on the following. First the names of the people I dealt with kept changing.

I was offered a post of Assistant General Manager initially but upon offer I am offered one of a Project General Manager.

The last straw was when I was asked to pay a visa of $550, as I suspect that’s where the catch is. The agent given is a Norman Weed.

I did speak to him and he sounded elderly, he claimed to have received a copy of my appointment from Valero.

Please help me verify.

Your suspicions are 100% correct. This is undoubtedly a recruitment scam.

There is no job here, no offer, no magnificent salary.

The only genuine thing is the money they want you to send them.

You’ve mentioned some of the clues, but there’s another big clue that this isn’t a genuine job offer.

Real companies offer real jobs to real candidates only after they’ve done a real face-to-face interview.

These days you can do interviews online using technologies like Skype but there is always, ALWAYS some form of face-to-face interview before someone is offered a real, senior-level job. Always.

And companies don’t ever charge their recruits to be hired.

Even if they did they wouldn’t demand that the money was paid using money transfer services like in the demand you sent me.

There’s one last clue. Valero, a real oil company have posted a warning on their web site saying all of this as well.

Just delete the emails and don’t ever respond to them, no matter what these crooks do to entice you.