Reader’s respond

Last week Thursday I asked the Youth Affair Show listeners on Yarona fm about their take on polygamy, I even wrote about it last week and asked for people’s opinions.

Well as expected, I had different stands, some people were for the idea and some were obviously against it. People talked about the Christianity stance on the issue, some talked about the effect that polygamist marriage have on the sexual satisfaction of both the men and women, some mentioned culture and some morals. There were a whole lot of arguments pending this issue.

But really guys, I still firmly stand by what I said last week. I don’t think it makes sense for the government to make polygamy illegal but nothing really binding is done to men who have tens of kids all over the country with different women. I mean, polygamy actually enables a man to marry the women he loves and raise and care for all his kids all under one roof.

And what harm is actually done by such marriages, if anything all I see is goodness! For one, certain diseases could be curbed, and instead of a man cheating on his wife behind closed doors, he just may tell the wife openly that he’s thinking of bringing another woman in to the marriage and since this will be done rightfully disgraceful acts of cheating and spreading HIV might just be reduced.

Again my main concern is the children involved, I believe every child wants to have both their parents present and actually live with both of them. Every child deserves to know their siblings and connect with them and I believe prohibition of polygamy deprives many of this. I’m not at all saying that man deliberately marry a whole of women and justify this by saying that they want all their kids to grow up together, but really guys if the man and the women love each other and want to be in this kind of the situation and the children are happy (Lik  Kody Brown in “Sister Wives”, then who are we to judge?

Anyhow just like I promised, I’m going to keep on posting your comments (facebook, email, blog e.t.c) so as to involve both the readers and the listeners of the show and of course to learn what you guys have to say.

Rarefri: Polygamy is not illegal in Botswana.

It is just that the law allows a person to have only one registered spouse, but is silent on how many more women a man can have. I can tell you that, judging by the increase in these kinds of affairs and the number of cases for child support, Botswana is ready for polygamy.

The Bazezuru tribe practices polygamy and you never hear of child support because the husband is responsible. He does not sleep with his wives for recreation, like what our men do. He knows every time he sleeps with one of his wives, a child will be born and so he works hard to make sure there is everything that baby will need. And the women also know their roles. They are not gold diggers like our so called modern civilized women.

Nalwendo:  I believe polygamy is an act of selfishness. It degrades our moral grounds. I therefore want to mention here that never at any time would I want to be for this bad idea.
T-bos William: There must be a law to legalize polygamy..!

Thato Flappyjay Mosumo:  Legalising polygamy equals to less divorces and it also decreases AIDS infections because you get committed to your five wives, if you cheat on them then you are a dog.


  1. Tshepo, leo lenyalo la basadi ba bantsintsi le banna ba bantsi ga se thulaganyo ya Modimo. therefore, anybody who wants to live a true sanctified marriage, please read the New Bible. it explains in details about a TRUE SANCTIFIED MARRIAGE. God created man and woman at the beginning of mankind not man and 2,3,4 women.se batle go thusa moganetsi go epa mabitla a loso.teach people something that can lead them to salvation not eternal death. New Bible follows the New Testament forming the Holy Trilogy. it is written; ‘The signal principle of MY HOLY ORDER regarding true, sanctified marriage transpires from the very beginning of the human race, when I THE LORD made
    one human couple
    one married couple
    out of one flesh, one soul and one spirit, who in obedience and with reference to ME was not only by its incarnation to merge once more into one soul and one spirit through true marriage but also to become, through their obedience to ME, a simile of MY HOLY TRINITY by including ME, THE CREATOR, into the holy uniting community of marriage, partaking thereby in the plentifulness of MY INEXHAUSTIBLE GIFTS OF GRACE.’chapter5 vs163.
    Anyone on this planet who wants a divorce free marriage as well as AIDS free life, obey God’s commandments. Poifo Modimo ke tshimologo ya botlhale. you can read New Bible on jesus4youdotnet

  2. Interesting, but I am a bit confused as to the “chapter5 vs163.” reference you are using. Which book/chapter of the Bible are you referring to?