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Is Malikongwa the President’s man?


The six names approved by the Botswana Democractic Party (BDP) Central committee to contest as Bulela Ditswe candidates for Tonota North Constituency has some political observers talking.
They are of the opinion that, amongst Ipuseng Chikanda, Lewis Malikongwa, Molomo Maano, Fidelis Molao, Olifant Mfa and Daniel Onkabetse; Khama has his anointed man.
There are those who believe that President Khama’s former Private Secretary Lewis Malikongwa might be the man the BDP leader is wishing for the vacant seat.
Malikongwa was credited for being the man behind Khama’s trademark late night fire meetings with the elderly, an initiative that has endeared the president to the common man.
Was it a coincidence that Malikongwa retired from the civil service immediately after the passing on of former Minister Finance and Tonota North Member of Parliament Baledzi Gaolathe?
Or was there influence from above to let him get his reward?
“My retirement has nothing to do with the president. Why would people think such a thing?” Malikongwa retorted when contacted for comment.
He said he had always planned to venture into politics when he retired and he saw the vacancy in Tonota as an opportunity to pursue his dreams.
“I may be close to the president, but my running has nothing to do with him. I left the Office of the President four years ago to work in at a different office, so I made an independent decision,” he said.
He further said there is no how the president could have asked him to retire.
“I’m competing with other people for this position and there is no guarantee that I will win. It is a risk that I took on my own,” he said.
“I do associate with the president but so does a lot of people. He has never told me that he sympathises with me and I would be very happy if he could tell me so,” added Malikongwa.
Botswana Congress Party Secretary General Lucas Taolo sees more trouble for the BDP post the Tonota North Bye-elections.
“It is not a good thing for a party so deeply divided to have so many candidates running for one position. This situation has the potential to further exacerbate the already polarised situation,” said Lucas.
The BCP man said he would also not be shocked if Khama has his preferred candidate.
“We are living with these people and we know how they think. However there is a danger because people are beginning to question Khama’s leadership style. They are aware of his politics of favouritism,” fired Lucas.
Kgatleng East Member of Parliament Isaac Mabiletsa shares Lucas’s sentiments. “Politicians should be developed from youth. They must show the flair to represent people at a young age.
A young man like Fidelis Molao has never hidden his interest in politics but others just retire from the public service and within two weeks they are politicians,” Mabiletsa said without mentioning names.


  1. bo taolo mind your buisness le tshositswe keeng bdp is is going to win. mabiletsa ene tsabone di kwa court.

  2. opposition parties are boring waitse ga dire one fela bare Khama, why can’t they mind thier own presidency.. ko diphathing tsa bone.

  3. Its written on who is goin to represent BDP in the next bye elections..its only that we cant see with our naked eyes…This whole primary elections is just a disguise to suger coat so that people can believe in democracy and transparency….Its not rocket science to figure out that…However, i have some problems with those old people who resign from their job to go and contest for positions in parliament because they are just lookin for a better pay cheque and fatten their pockets futher when there are people who been workin within the structures of the party, who deserve to be given a shot to try their luck……Young people who have been with the party are bein sidelined for some old people who dont care any more about the future…Anywhere, may the best dead wood win…

  4. Let BDP mind its own business and you mind your own! Who cares who they vote for as that person will end up competing for that area with all of you political candidates? At the end of the day, it’s what he does for that area that matters! Where is the evidence that there is some sort of favouritism? At least come up with plausible allegation if you are going to! I’m tired of implausible crap we are always fed when you never hear people debate issues that really matter to us! What about Boko and his followers Mr Mabiletsa? What about family affair at BCP? Come on now!

  5. ChrisM, I have told you to stop embarassing yourself by associating ZANU-PF. You’re outside the country and you have no clue of whats going on the ground. So stop misleading people with your lies.

    BmD and ZANU-PF’s ideologies are far apart. BMD believes in total democracy while BDP and ZANU-PF are the opposite. The only difference between ZANU and BDP is that ZANUpf riggs the national elections while BDP does it at party level, not at national level. So stop being a fool!

  6. @Chris M….You say who care? We do care cuz we are tired off the recycling system that is being used to run the country..? How many people have claimed to “retire from the civil service” heard straight to parliament after that…? Cant you see that its just a decoy or disguise to make lame people believe that its procedural ok….Come to think of it, it has turned that dynasty continues and some people are the heirs in the runnin of the country which is “supposedly democratic success African story”

  7. 77, I have no problem with BMD if they want to be a party rather than a stupid protest group that say awful things that have nothing to do with the lives of the people of this country! They have formed their so-called party, so why don’t they grow up, become men and address real issues rather than still be obsessed with what is going on at the party they left or its leadership! We will see what happens there! I will not listen to rivals of BDP telling me anything about it and expect them to say anything good or even true!

    Whether you like it or not Scandy, BMD will not shed this link to the most evil party in SADC called ZANU-PF! What the hell are they doing with them? I challenge real journalists in our country and in Zimbabwe to find out the truth for Batswana as this is just disturbing sh*t! If BDP was the one connected to this allegation, what would you and the entire private press in Botswana be saying? These Bandits Movement against Democracy(BMD) are neither smart nor are they people of honour! They are pure embarrassment to us! I was in our country for 3 weeks just over 2 weeks ago and I do come home regularly, so don’t try that one! It wont work and you don’t have to physically be in a place to get the facts from there!This is 2010! You may be unsettled by what i’m saying as this is downright ugly for your party but who give a rat’s when the crap they are up to involves our country? You are too blind to see the problems or even the truth staring you in the face! Once again as always you will see how wrong you are about these lot! The link to ZANU-PF is that former Zimbabawean of yours, Moyo! So wake up! We love our democracy, stability and peace!

  8. @Chris M…do you owe your allegience to BDP or its just that you dont like the newly formed party? Why do you have to stoop yourself that low to callin demeanin names, cant you just argue your position without doin that….Hhahahaa..you come across as bein bitter about how things are unfoldin….My arguement is, why would people retire from their secure jobs to a no guarantee kinda of a job if they are not sure they will make it…its simple math..some conspiracy cooked…Secondly, why cant other people be given a chance instead of havin the same people over and over if we are that democratic..I mean, we have Oliphant Nfa, who was rejected bein his people in Gweta, comin to contest in Tonota…yet The President says some people are ‘power hungry and self seekin’ To me thats bein greedy and self seekin at its worst….As for ZANU-BMD relation, its based on assumption, until we have some evidence, i will let it pass.
    I would like to ask you one more question Chris, the belief in the BDP circle is that all those who are defectin are ill-disciplined, why do we have MPs from BDP abusin people like the VP, MP Mokaila, MP Molebatsi and a lot more? Isnt that in contrary with what they stand for?

  9. No, I just don’t like people insulting me personally like above! I have absolutely no political party! Politics touches our lives so being involved in debates involving politics is unavoidable! However, none of what is said by anyone makes me not seek for the truth myself about a lot of issues at home! Wont get everything but when it comes to things that matter to our lives, there is a lot there that we can get from fellow citizens who actually do the work, not politicians! People are free to do what they want in our country 77! They can retire and then join politics, that’s their business! For me, what they have to do when they stand is to really deal with our peoblems, not the crap we hear all the time! I will never defend bad behaviour by anyone, anywhere! We will be fools in thinking that Mugabe, if given a chance to see Botswana fail, he would not take it! That’s why this link is important!

  10. Welcome abroad mr Malikongwa, We want people like you to help..You such a brilient man just like the late Minister..

    We are behind you sir..


  11. Naare these days,batho ba na le verbal disorder,motho ha bula molomo hela a re Khama without putting any objectivity to what he/she is saying;long live Khama


  13. Mosimanyana yo Chris M ke lone lelatswa thipa tota! O rata go bogola batho mogo feteletseng, jaanong le lona BoComrade, lesang go itepatepanyang le sematla ka gore le tlaa lebega jaaka sone.Viva BMD Viva!!! Lefaaaatshe!!! Laroooona! Ao wa rata kapo gao rate Chris M o tlile gowa ke pelo, e ke BMD gase Domokeraga.

  14. Itshwareleng Madomi bathong!!!ba mo kutlobothokong,mme legale dilo ba di itirile. Ba dirile batho medimo ya bone(le a ba itse). Nnete yone ea thokafala,khama malatsi a gagwe ago busa a tsile bokhutong ebile palo ya dikgwedi tsa gagwe e badilwe…e tare mo nakong ee sa fediseng pelo abo a neela baba tshwanetseng..O ta bo ole kae Chris M,of course u will b no where to be seen!!!!


  16. why viva khama?khama dont deserve his post.one ale shapo ko sesoleng.le go it doesnt make sense batho ba ditlhaloganyo tse ditshwanang khama n merafe being leadrs,trained to be solidiers which is diffrnt frm politics.a re fiweng chance ya go voter president n di party tsa botswana must di emise go campanela ruri.

  17. Go lebega manifesto wa bBotswana Movement for Doom(bmd)e le Khama ba motshaba lebaibai, ba setse ba kopa thuso ko zanu, gatwe e bafile zim dolla di tletse kgetse tse 20 ba laisetse mann