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Intoxicated student breaks teacher’s jaw with a brick

VICTIM: Mbulawa

An out of control Ledumang Senior Secondary School student recently went berserk after allegedly smoking dagga and hit a teacher with a brick and smashed the school printer and fax machine.

In the moment of madness, the 19-year-old Form 5 student accidentally hit Dorcas Mbulawa- a Development Studies teacher, with a brick and left her with serious jaw injury, a lawyer from Litster Frost Injury Lawyers Review is trying to reevaluate the case; however, the situation is pretty delicate.

“It appears the brick was not necessarily aimed at me. It was just that when I stepped outside the classroom I met the flying brick. The impact was so strong that I fell and blacked out. I did not even see what or who hit me,” Mbulawa who is still nursing a sharp headache, throbbing waist, swollen face and wounded jaw explained briefly.

Although it is not yet clear as to what the student was trying to hit with the brick, Broadhurst Police have charged him with “assault occasioning bodily harm,” and another count of deliberate cause of damage to government property.

A witness stated that following the assault, the student who was seemingly under the influence of drugs, was taken to the administration block where he also smashed the school’s electronic equipment.

“This is just a demonstration of how vulnerable we are as teachers. We work under very challenging environments,” explained the witness, who preferred anonymity.

Broadhurst Police Station Commander, Obusitswe Lekae said since the culprit is old enough to face justice, the matter will therefore be taken to court soon after the investigations are complete.

“Everybody is considered sane until proven otherwise. We cannot tell for now what the cause of his temporary madness was, but the offence has been committed and he has to face the full weight of the law,” Lekae explained further.