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Over the last few weeks your FCG correspondent has spent time investigating the night. Wandering through the town of Gaborone during the hours when most of people are asleep and criminals are out.

 Some of what I saw was positive. I found the occasional patrol – sometimes on foot, sometimes in vehicles. Some of these included armed BDF units. This was an encouragement as increased patrols have been a part of the FCG agenda since the beginning. But these patrols must continue, be increased, and be well organized in order to quell the crime rate that has been escalating at a truly horrifying rate over the last two years.

However when moving through Gaborone at night there are still so many things that are problematic in the fight against crime. The largest and most pressing issue is the Gaborone is dark at night – very dark. Criminals love the dark. It allows them to approach their target without warning and disappear into it if they are chased.

Although we have welcomed the recent upgrades to the streetlights on parts of the western by-pass and other major roads around town. This must continue and it must spread into the neighborhoods as well.

Broadhurst is terribly dark. Although they have streetlights in place it is rare to find one working – and if so barely lighting up a tiny area with it eggy light. With its dense population and poor lighting it is no surprise that it is one of the most crime filled areas in town.

The council, police and BDF should target Broadhurst as their first area of change. Upgrade the streetlights and double the amount of patrols. With those two changes -the results will no doubt be immediate. We would see a dramatic drop in crime. It would service as a model and case study of what can be accomplished in the whole town and other towns around the country.