Innocent blood
GONE TOO SOON: Niece, Neo Koshwane


In a tragic incident that shook the tiny village of Moshupa to the core this week, a sex starved man murdered his girlfriend’s niece in cold blood following an argument over sex.

The seemingly sexually frustrated 24-year-old man apparently carried out the senseless revenge on his girlfriend last Saturday by stabbing her 12-year-old niece to death before hanging himself.

Thabo Pati had apparently expressed his anger and frustration at being denied sex by his 36- year -old girlfriend, Dintle Koshwane several times before.

Koswana’s grieving stepfather said that the depraved man had blamed the child for the couple’s sexless relationship because ‘she spent too much time with her aunt’.

“He (Pati) told us that Dintle had taken his money, and yet she was no longer willing to sleep with him, subjecting him to a frustrating, sexless existence. He also complained bitterly that the 12-year-old niece always accompanied Dintle whenever she visited him, which he said made it difficult for the couple to have sex freely as and when they wanted,” the stepfather explained.

Narrating her nightmare to The Voice in an interview, Koshwane said that she was sleeping at her house with her sister’s daughter when trouble began.

“I heard a loud bang on the door and he (Pati) ordered me to open the door for him. I decided to escape through the window because I knew his intention was to break the door down,” she said.

After forcing his way into the house, Pati found the minor alone.

He then led her outside to a nearby bush, where he stabbed her to death before he hanged himself from a nearby tree – just meters away from girl’s lifeless body.

“He wanted to kill me, but he ended up killing an innocent child instead,” whispered a shell-shocked Koshwana.

Officer Commanding for No.14 district, Reuben Mphoeng, confirmed the incident, adding that investigations into the matter are currently on going.

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