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Indigenous Look Culture infused fashion



This weekend we marvelled at the dynamics of traditional attire at the Son Of The Soil. We trend spotted, celebrated and promoted a Tswana cultural dialogue through lifestyle and clothes.

From your favourite influencers- street style mavericks and celebrities with killer style, we kept tabs to stay in-the-know of what’s trending and what could be Botswana fashion’s next fashion staple.

Trending was African print, Leteisi, Dashki, African pants donned with a white shirt and statement African neckpieces donned as head gear. The general vibe translated into these various looks there left everyone noticing that the print season is not over. Whatever the case, we noticed that people surely stayed on trend with these traditional looks incorporated into modern fashions.

Here, we are confirming that it is surely an indigenous chic season with these traditional yet modern designs with a twist. We would have loved to see more of our traditional wear, but everyone has their own preference.


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