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I’m Not Gay- Obakeng


Local gospel music sensation, Obakeng Sengwaketse, says he is fed up with rumours of his sexuality and an alleged relationship with South African gospel superstar, Lundi Tyamara.

The 32-year old award winning artist this week walked into The Voice office and poured his heart out on what he believes to be a ploy by fellow artists to tarnish his character. “Everywhere I go I get hostile stares and those who are sympathetic ask me why I betray Christian values by engaging in gay relationships. The rumour is that I’m dating other men and that my new catch is Lundi. This hurts me so bad because I’m not gay and neither is Lundi’, so that is why I want to clear the air,” said the 32-year old Obakeng who sprung to fame in 2005 and eventually won the 2012 Botswana Musicians Union (BOMU) Best gospel award.

I'M STRAIGHT: Obakeng Sengwaketse
I’M STRAIGHT: Obakeng Sengwaketse

Obakeng who also owns OBK Investment, a music promotions company that organizes shows for local and international artists says he has been friends with Lundi since 2012. “My musical success opened new opportunities for me and I got to know a lot of people including the likes of Musa Ngwenya who also does some collaboration with Lundi. On August 29 Lundi invited me for his CD and DVD in Jo’burg. We took pictures together and people assumed we were dating when they saw the photos on facebook. I don’t want people’s assumptions to destroy my friendship with Lundi because soon he will be helping me out in my new project,” he says.

Lundi, the South African gospel problem child has had his fair share of controversy having made as much headlines about his musical talent in equal measure as his sexuality and drug scandals. “I’ve followed Lundi’s music for a long time and it was a dream come true when I finally got to know him on a personal level as well as work with him. Whatever has been said about him is none of my business,” Obakeng said.