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I’m alone in a relationship

I'm alone in a relationship

Hi ausi Gase;

I am a young lady of 23 years of age living in Gaborone.

The problem that I’m facing is that I have been into different relationships and nothing has worked.

The challenge that I have right now is I’m involved with this guy but the problem is he can sometimes take two to three weeks without talking to me.

He doesn’t do anything to show that he still loves me and he doesn’t reply to my messages when I text him.

My question is, am I the problem or is it him?

You need to take a good look at your past relationships and check if you perhaps tend to be attracted to the same type of men, who may not necessarily be the right ones for you as your relationships never work out…or maybe you have expectations that are too high, which they cannot meet, or vice versa.

That said, do not despair too much just because your past relationships didn’t work out as you had hoped they would; at the age of 23 you’re still young and that’s a good enough reason to believe that you will one day meet the right man.

About the guy you’re currently involved with, I don’t think he takes your relationship seriously; if he can go for three weeks without talking to you, without any reasonable explanation, doesn’t do anything at all to show you that he still loves you and doesn’t respond to your messages…then he obviously doesn’t care about you. What more do you want?

Even a teenager would know when she’s no longer appreciated even when she has the kaerusbeauty.

These are all signs that you’re now in this relationship by yourself…he’s no longer in it and didn’t even bother to tell you.

Regarding your question, I don’t know what his reasons are, for behaving like he does…I only know what you told me and haven’t heard his side of the story, so I cannot say for sure whether the problem is you or him.

The best person to provide you with answers is him, so the next time you two are together please ask him to explain to you what exactly is going on because from what you’ve written, this can hardly be called dating.

Whatever it is that’s left between you just lacks the characteristics of a romantic relationship.

Seek counseling if you feel you need to discuss your issue with a professional and if you need further guidance. If you really want to know what’s the matter between the two of you, you need help from the experts.