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I will never leave BNF-Salakae

I will never leave BNF-Salakae
BNF DIE HARD: Noah Salakae

Member of Parliament for Gantsi North and Botswana National Front (BNF) Treasurer, Noah Salakae recently made headlines when he attempted to resign from the party’s central committee.

Salakae, whose resignation letter to the party’s Secretary General, Moeti Mohwasa was leaked to the media, has maintained that he did not have issues with BNF president, Duma Boko.

This week he revisited the leaked letter in a discussion with Voice journalist, FRANCINAH BAAITSE MMANA.

Q: You recently attempted to resign from BNF’s central committee as party treasurer, what was the problem?

Like I have indicated already, I just wanted to divert my full attention to the constituency for campaigns.

Q: What has changed?

I mentioned that the letter was just like any other transaction that I make on a daily basis with Rre Moeti.

We had some financial issues and matters to address. It was between me and him. It was not intended for public consumption.

Ever since I wrote the letter, we have never met as the central committee to discuss the contents of the letter.

I have not discussed it with the Secretary General, the president or the central committee and I am not sure when we are meeting.

Q:In the letter you mentioned that you were not happy with the way party President, Duma Boko was running the affairs of the BNF. Do you still hold the same opinion?

Whether I am satisfied or not with the way Boko runs the party is a subject for internal discussion.

It would be unfair to me and him to discuss this in the media before we could sit down and discuss the matter.

It would be irresponsible of me as party treasurer who sits in the central committee to discuss internal matters in public.

Q: Some accused you of seeking attention, by stating that you were pulling out of the party?

It is their opinion. However, I don’t believe so much that everybody holds that opinion.

But I cannot stop people from saying what they think about me. I have never been an attention seeker in my life.

People who like pointing accusing fingers at others, in most cases they are hiding behind the accusations.

Q: You have mentioned that BNF is being run by Boko’s bodyguards, are you comfortable with them now?

You should understand that sentiment comes from the intercepted letter. I humbly request that we don’t discuss the contents with the media.

Q: What is your impression of fear fokol faction of the BNF?

I am not sure about fear fokol, but what I know is that in BNF interests groups are allowed for particular interest such as elections or congresses.

When we go for elections they are consolidated, they are formed according to lobby groups.

The idea is to dismantle them soon after elections, but I am not sure if fear fokol is one of those groups.

But as far as I am concerned, I don’t know of any faction that is called fear fokol within the BNF.

It could be a brand name for someone within the party, but it is not a recognized name within the BNF circles.

Q: What is your confidence on the party president?

I am not the one who elects the President. For as long as members of the BNF feel Boko is the ideal president for them going forward, then I have no excuse but to oblige with that.

It is either I disengage or go with the majority. When I have issues with someone I confront them and iron out the issue.

I am not the kind to be intimidated. Even if you call me an attention seeker or accuse me of wanting to join the BDP, I am not going to fall back.

Those who want to go join BDP; they should feel free to do so, instead of accusing me of it.

Q: Have you been accused of habouring interests of joining the BDP?

Yes, I have. But what the accusers should know is that I will never ever join BDP, come rain or sunshine.

There are other political parties like Botswana Congress party and Botswana People’s Party, if I wanted to defect.

Why would I want to go back to my vomit!

Q: How is it being a treasurer of BNF?

I have always wanted to serve BNF at one of its highest structures. So being a treasurer has been an honour and so far I am not complaining.

Whatever I complained about in the letter is yet to be discussed with the Secretary General.

Q: What can you say have been your achievement as the treasurer?

One of my achievements is that people were very happy when I presented a well comprehensive financial report at Rakops (BNF congress).

That will be one of the highlights of my tenure.

Q: Any last words?

I love BNF, I will never leave BNF and I am confident I will retain Gantsi North.