UNHOLY ROW: Bishop Modisaotsile Mothibi

Pastor implicated in sex scandal threatens to take violent action over revelations made in The Voice today

A 76 year old church leader whose alleged extra marital affair was exposed recently in his church has threatened to burn down The Voice office and cripple the reporter working on the story if the newspaper made his love life public.

The healingspirit was distinctly lacking when incensed Bishop Modisaotsile Mothibi of the Eleven Apostle Healing Spirit Church in Francistown demanded to know why we were investigating complaints received from concerned church members.


Bishop Modisaotsile Mothibi of the Eleven Apostle Healing Spirit Church in Francistown has threatened to take violent action against this newspaper if revelations over sex scandals involving him and senior church members were published.

The Bishop had been approached for a comment after a concerned member of his congregation reported the latest in a series of scandals that have rocked the church in recent years.

The incident earlier month during an annual remembrance event called Segopotso, shocked the packed congregation when the bishop’s wife of six years confronted her husband’s alleged mistress in full view of hundreds that attended the service.

Rumours that Bishop Mothibi had been conducting an illicit affair with a choir member were already rife when things came to a head during the presentation of a certificate to the young woman for her fund raising efforts.
According to an eye witness (name known to this newspaper) after the bishop had presented the woman Sekhonzile Bathami, with her certificate, his wife Neo Mothibi reacted to the award.

“Immediately after announcing that Bathami had raised the most money and the crowd was giving her a round of applause, David Moopi (National Secretary General) called her to come forward

and receive her certificate. That was when Neo jumped up and grabbed it from Moopi, tearing it into bits and pieces. She was furious. It was happening right there on the pulpit in front of multitudes,” the witness said.

The source added: “The displeasure registered by Neo Mothibi on the state of sleazy sex across generations perpetrated by church leaders has been a long-time cry by several wives, who over the years have failed to have their husbands ‘zip up their pants’ when gazing on the wholesome younger Jezebels.”
When contacted for a comment furious Bishop Mothibi came to our Francistown office and threatened: “I am warning you! Should you publish this story in your paper I will come with my congregation here and burn down this place.

“And as for your reporter here, you will go back to your home a cripple,” charged the elderly Bishop He went on to say: “Why do you want to print such nonsense? It’s none of your business – this happened within the church and the matter is being dealt with internally.

Give me the names of your sources. I want to deal with them, so they know what kind of a person they are dealing with,” ranted Mothibi. Following further investigation, the bishop’s wife Neo Mothibi, who works in Maun

, confirmed that she indeed asked for the certificate from Archbishop Moleta.“ I queried why Sekhonzile Bathami was the only one to be awarded for taking part in a sponsored walk, but no one

could give me a proper explanation.

“To make matters worse it was my husband who had made the certificate and signed it. It’s true I am the one who tore it into shreds in front of the church leadership and the congregation,” Mothibi said.

She went on to add: “I got to know my husband was romantically involved with this woman in 2009. The young girl would phone and send text messages t

o my husband throughout the night. We wouldn’t catch a wink of sleep because Mothibi would not fail to respond to her calls or texts, come what may.

“Another thing that made me suspicious is that he would respond to her affectionately as ‘wangu’ (mine), but be through in a word or two, a sign he was not free to talk with her in my presence.”  The 58-year-old agitated wife said she had often talked to her husband about his mischief, but he had always ignored her complaints, preferring to

slip away into the night to see his mistress.

“After I had continuously pestered him over his affair he eventually told me that Sekhonzile was the one who looked after him when he was sick since he claimed I refused to leave my job and stay with him in Francistown.”
She added: “I am not saying men do not have affairs, but most make sure that they hide it from their wives. But as for my husband, he would leave me in the house and come late in the night having taken a bath at Sekhonzile’s place.

Neo further revealed that the day after the embarrassing scene Mothibi told her it was over between the two of them. “He phoned me while I was driving back to Maun with my children and said I should know that this is the end between us. I don’t know what he meant by that,” said the disgruntled wife.
The church has previously featured as front page news in 2003 with accusations of chaining mentally retarded patients and ‘whipping’ them.


  1. a o bathong? u guys couldn’t find somebody younger to pick on? this man is a well respected man in Francistown, he even helped translate the bible to Sekalaka…… Cut him some slack, Amen!

  2. @wabona
    If he is “a well respected man in francistown” he must respect himself more especially because he is a leader. Maitshwaro moruti, a kae?

  3. the man was simply enjoying the fruits of his hard labor….lol! legapu le le tona ke la mong wa tshimo. However, i do commend the voice for cracking down on such issues. I would like them to expose Matona-a-Puso le bo-Farher ba kereke ya Roma in a similar fashion.

  4. None of us are without sin and who knows what temptation will be too much for us to resist. However, once we are caught, the CHRISTIAN thing to do would be repent and ask for forgiveness. This disgraced son of destruction has no place within an organisation claiming to worship in spirit and truth. This fornicator not only wants to have his pie but wants his neighbours too! A false prophet is within your midst and in a time when sexual transmitted infections (STI) are so rampant. I hope Neo has a clean bill of health. She is well rid of this beast in sheep’s clothing.

  5. This is really sick! There is no difference anymore between the church and politics when it comes to sleaze. For a man of this age to behave like this, with his reaction typical of a guilty man, is a shock. He is more worried about his reputation in the eyes of people than what he really does. Doesn’t God see everything? So what’s the point of pretending with him? Concerned only about what man thinks? Can you lie your way into God’s favor? Shocking this!

  6. ijo! moruti ka lefitshwana go a itshwarwa malome and lefa o sa kgona alwys put your wife first ke ene o mo nyetseng

  7. Monna ke wena o ipitsang moruti o ntsa ebile o tlhabisa ditlhong ka bonyatsi o bo o raya mosadi o re go fedile ka wena le ene. Bana ba o ba nyadisang mo phuthegong o ba raya o reng saatane ke wena. Ene wangu wa gago se se diragalelang mosadi wa gago a seka a ipolelela gore she wone, ke seaka se se thubelang batho malapa a reka setlankana sa kereke ka serope. Tlogelang go gweba ka kereke go kgotsofatsa bobelete ba lona wena Mothibi le mistress wa gago. Thnx reporter to publish this article and dont be scared by this false prophet.

  8. Hooow…ketseo dikereke tsalona le baruti ba tsona!

    You knw why i dont hv troubles in life,it bcos um not a church fanatic,dats why my stuff goes well…

    Lastly in life…there will neva be sum1 to replace Jesus Christ…HE was die only one who was trusted by GOD. In ds world we are livin in…we r jst passer-byes,we r jst here to “sin en sin en sin” en pretend to be Misters en Missis Rights!!!

    “I will neva be a church fanatic because it mislead mense[people]…maar i believe in GOD only HIM not sum1 staan b4 ons en lieg van die woord van GOD!!!

  9. Ga se basadi mo kerekeng yame,nna moruti ke ja fela,ke bone bo moruti ka lefitswana bao…….o natifeletswe moruti ga go na gore go tlaa tweng.but i feel pity 4 d wife.

  10. Never a dull moment – drama again

    The skeleton has been let out of the cupboard as they saying goes

    what hypocrisy preaching to the congregation

    Thou shall not commit adultery
    You will burn in hell

    and behind closed doors the very people preaching and collecting money from the congregation (in some instances half their salaries ) are doing this


  12. eish nothing more to say, how can a bishop do all that stuff………aniwy just ask forgiveness well in time before judgement Day Pastor and you will be forgiven

  13. baruti ba bangwe ke mathata, ke gore fa batho ba rapela ene o lebile bana ba kereke a tswa pelo…yerrrrrrrrrrrrrr.. batho ba tla tloga ba gana go rapela ba buduletse…

  14. O hla fhihlela batho ba teng bare kgala
    re iphetela mo straaten re ijela booze
    ya rena,re chitse le di-chomza…ota bo
    o utwa ba goeketsa gotwe matagwa-diaka
    tswang mo mekgwathen lehlen tempelen,
    a nna “Modimo” bamo fhomana dikereken,
    nna hare tsebe! Accordin to my little
    knowledge,”God” is everywhere…le rena
    mahlapelwa oa re reetse fhare mmuisa!
    Bona katjeko hore ho etsahala mohlolo
    ontsen jwan?!Diya le bona jaanon baba
    ikgolegilen bare ba romilwe ke “Rara-
    Morata re phela-Ramashomoshomo” Lo
    hlabisa “RARA” dihlong “borra le bomma”

  15. if the leader is corrupted,it means dat the whole church is et risk bcoz evry guidance is from the pastor.God will be 100% happy if the bishop will leave preaching 4 eva.Bisshop u have already applied to live with de devil and let me assure u the devil has kindly admited ur request,and ur new name is DEVIL’s FAVORATE DEMON..4 get about being called a chrisian ur are a stanist.dnt eva complain wen people call u ngwana wa ga satane.U messed up ur church’s future.Ditoro di phirimile ntate moruti.

  16. Hei waitse ba bone ba ,gape ke legatapa mose o ipoka ka go konopa mmegadikgang o itse gone hela le thobalo

  17. Waitse boaka jwa lefatshe le bo thabisa dithong’ke gore le bannabagolo fela nd moruti on top of that!!!!!!!!! o santse o tabogile le eng osa nne fatshe wa thokomela mosadi le bana???????? its true ga gona noga ya monnamogolo!!!!!!!!

  18. Wabana aa bago kgapisa sethitho mfana baruti? God will judge the bishop not us because each of us have something to be judged on. bangwe baiphitha ka bishopo pretending to be clean. as for the congregation they can choose for themselves,religion is not forced its a free personal choice.

  19. baruti ba malatsi a ke mathata ebile re setse re tshaba go tsena dikereke. fa o le mosha mo kerekeng o wa ga moruti.

  20. eish bathong there is nothing more to except to ask GODto intervine witin our lyfs to our leadre to be pure as well as to lead in dignity and harmony. just that what i want to ask is a moruti yo ga laiiwa ka fa setswaneng fa a nyala? legale fa o jele tlwae thre is nothing w cn du. mo ke gone addition to cheating!!!!!!!!!!! o ruta youth ya kereke ya gawe eng tota ijoo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. no ga ke dumele gore gatwe monnamogolo yoo kana o ka tontonyetsa legapu.. le fa go katwe noga ya monnamogolo ya loma eseng e.

  22. Baruti kopanang khutlo tse nne tsa lefatshe le rapedise kgotso e seng se Bishop Modisaotsile Mothibi a se dirang…tota re tla ya kae?a kana esere gongwe mohla o gorogile….!

  23. Ke tshaba Ntate Moruti, thapelo ya gagwe e borai gore….a re ” i am going to burn down the voice office and cripple the officer” ….. Ruri o na le maatla

  24. otseela gore go mo sechesong. tshuba mahura a diphelehu, le gone ele e esena selabe. ka na yoo ko godimo ga a je lenko la dipampiri

  25. moruti o bone jeso a seka a goroga o le mo boakeng. ija mme ha o bolaya jornalist o dira boleo gape. amme o bala baebele bathoong

  26. Go nna le phalatsa le sa nwe bojalwa go oketsa keletso ya thobalo lona baruti ka lefitshwana. Mo go wame mosadi ke go lotlele boy.

  27. ga gona noga ya monnamogolo. beware, coz e loma go heta tse dinnye. mosadi yo le ene o nna kgakala jang le monna wa gagwe, this cud have contributed. ga kere e a mmuelela bt the root cause ke distance. moruti o lekile go itshwara go padile n its unfortunate he does nt show remorse for his actions ne ke ta mmuelela. o tshabe golo mo go tweng sex drive, ga ena le ole moruti.

  28. African Traditional Independencer churches…………..c?ebile yo o botoka o vaya ka 1 le gone ga ana bana nae…sum bana le bana with evry woman wa chees gal mo kerekeng….

  29. haaahaa!wena Neo o paletswe ke go tlhokomela monna with all that u cud maybe even sexually so tlogela ngwana a utlwe seo kileng wa se utlwa

  30. nnyaa!! moruti ga go dirwe jaalo o tla ikisa tlase. just repent and be forgiven. go tshuba le go gobatsa batho ke kgang e nngwe e sele. satan wa itumela fa a utlwa o bua jaana. just lock yourslf somwhre pray & fast and be forgvn. batho ba tloga ba re baruti banse jalo.

  31. hey hey ke ragwe mang neh at dat age otlabisa kgala mokgekolo ke wena, mme gole bega ese wena fela babantsi siang koo the voice ya tsuolola ha ha ha ha gatwe Wangu oraya motho wa motho, shemo ……….

  32. The voice reporters kana le lona fa go ka twe something negative about the church you will rush gore, le gone stori sa teng se nna mo front page ahhh! behave urself guys, dilo tse dintle mo di a diragala ga le di gatise but tse di maswe le di gatisa ka bontsi, that’s why bosula bo le bontsi fatsheng leno is because le a bo rotoetsa ka go kwala ka jone…You bishop repent sir, God is waiting for you to repent and move on with your life, dont let anyone decide for you what you have to do.