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I refused to kick BMD out of UDC-Boko


Umbrella for Democratic Party(UDC) president, Duma Boko, yesterday told the party congress that he refused to kick out Botswana Movement of Democracy from the Umbrella despite pleas and persuasions from some party members.

When officially opening the UDC Congress, Boko said the BMD has been marred by controversy and that they need a helping hand. “That help must come from us. Kicking others out will be admission of guilt and again love doesn’t allow me to kick people out. If we fail we will fail together,” he said.

Boko said that the task that he was given by Botswana National Front (BNF) when they recruited him into the party was to unite the opposition parties, which he says he is currently working on.

The UDC President said that the task was not an easy one and needed patience. “We are all going to be a part of the Umbrella even if we’re not happy. And once we are united then we will approach those opposition parties outside the UDC,” he said amid a thunderous applause from the appreciative crowd.