I did not touch the girls
SUSPENDED: Dr Racious Moatshe

God is my witness

Outgoing Business Botswana Chief Executive Officer, Dr Racious Moatshe has vehemently denied sexual harassment and unethical conduct allegations leveled against him by staff.

Dismissing the allegations as nothing but an intricate smear campaign to block his new appointment as CEO of the Local Enterprise Authority, (LEA) Moatshe said, “God is my witness. I never touched any of those girls. To say that I was shocked to hear that someone had lodged a formal complaint and that management had decided to investigate the matter further would be an understatement.” He lamented.

Moatshe was adamant that this was a witch hunt meant to destroy his career.

“This matter has taken a lot away from me. I have even lost weight. It is very painful to be wrongly accused,” said the visibly shaken CEO.

Moatshe was speaking in an interview a day after he had tendered a letter of resignation to Business Botswana Acting CEO, Gobusamang Keebine, citing his new appointment as (LEA)’s new CEO effective from September 1st as the reason for his abrupt exit from Business Botswana.

Information reaching The Voice has, however, indicated that the sudden resignation followed a board meeting at which a decision was reached to slap Moatshe with a suspension letter pending disciplinary hearing for allegedly sexually harassing two female junior staff members.

In a complaint letter leaked to this publication one of Moatshe’s alleged victim, an accounts officer, states that her boss had groped her bottom without her consent.

I did not touch the girls
I did not touch the girls

She further claimed that when she protested, the CEO instead of apologizing took the opportunity to declare his feelings for her, which he apparently claimed he had suppressed for a long time.

The letter further states in part that, “This was not the first incident as in July, I went to his office to sign some documents and he asked for a hug which I found inappropriate and I was not comfortable. He complimented me saying I was wearing a nice dress; he asked me to stand up and turn around so that he could appreciate the outfit properly.

This interferes with my performance and I requested that I should not take any documents to his office but he kept on calling me to his office.”

The second victim, an intern, claims Moatshe went out of his way to make her uncomfortable by asking her out to lunch and insisting on offering her a ride home.

She further states in a complaint letter that the CEO pestered her for her phone number, asked if she was on WhatsApp and made lewd comments about her WhatsApp display picture.

Business Botswana President Lekwalo Mosienyane could not confirm nor deny the allegations.

He said it was too early to comment, as the investigations were still ongoing.

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