‘I never left Culture spears; we had marriage problems’- Charma Gal

Sharon Mathala
Charma Gal

Culture spears with Charma Gal release much anticipated single

Considered one of the most dramatic break ups in local music history – famous traditional dance group, Culture spears are headed for a momentous reunion.

The group now inclusive of the ever-popular Charma Gal, a former lead band member has released their long awaited single –together dubbed Sebi.

The last time the group worked on anything together was back in 2015 before Charma focused more on her solo career, which has blossomed over the years.

She has gone on to earn herself a spot in the most paid and decorated artists list, dominating music charts and award ceremonies over the years.

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Their single can be found in the traditional group’s newly released album called ‘Didimala Moratiwa’- which aired this week.

When commenting about their latest work and if this means Culture spears are officially back together again, the ‘skim sa dezembeng’ singer Charma Gal (Magdalene Lesolebe) said “What is really Interesting is thatit wasn’t really left culture spears that I quit like you put it. What I left was my marriage, we had relationship problems because there was a marriage involved and so the working environment was not as smooth as one would have liked.”

“I decided then to focus on my solo career, which had just started if you can recall. Business wise I never left Culture spears. I still remained and to this day I am still a business partner,” the mother of two added.

‘I never left Culture spears; we had marriage problems’- Charma Gal
ENTERTAINERS: Culture Spears performing on stage

The Mosakaso singer however could not be drawn to categorically state that she was officially back with Culture spears or not?

“They had already recorded most of the songs in the album you speak of so I jumped on that particular track. But this means then going forward you will see a bit more of Culture spears that is inclusive of me. I do not want to say I will be at their every performance when the group is booked because I have a busy solo career to push but I will make it to most of the group’s bookings.”

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For his part the group lead singer, Kabelo Mogwe also shared the same sentiments when speaking to Voice Entertainment.

“She never really left. We are more than happy to have her back because as you know she is not coming back because her solo career flopped or anything, she is coming back because of her love for the group.”

Culture spears first came into prominence- not only locally but internationally- back in 2005 with their debut album dubbed Korone.

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Then the group traveled all over the world as a four-band member.

The group before the ‘break up’ had gone on to release hits such as Kulenyane a nickname that has stuck with Mogwe.

Their latest album has six songs and is available for purchase.