I foresee infighting in the new cabinet- Chief Whip

Kably says BDP to work with trade unions

Member of Parliament for Letlhakeng/Lephephe, Liakat Kably has served under former President Ian Khama and is now serving under Mokgweetsi Masisi as the Chief Whip.

In an interview with The Voice Staffer, DANIEL CHIDA, the outspoken Kably says he could have retained his position because of his no nonsense attitude towards Ministers who abscond from parliament for no valid reasons.

The Chief Whip however, is also not impressed by the new cabinet.

Q. Congratulations for having been re –elected Chief Whip, what is your take on the new cabinet?

It is a good cabinet, but I foresee a lot of infighting because some MPS with more experience have been overlooked.

I am talking about people like Phillip Makgalemele, Moiseraele Goya and Fidelis Molao who should have been elevated and made full Ministers instead of being made Assistants again.

They have been in cabinet for a long time and they would have been better placed to take the newbies like Bagalatia Arone through the ropes.

I think it would be difficult for new full ministers to take advice from their more experienced juniors.

Q. What about yourself?

I don’t know why I was not made a Minister.

I suspect that Masisi too like Khama has decided that I am not fit to be a minister.

Some MPs are of the view that those who will not be contesting in the coming general elections like, Kitso Mokaila and Pelonomi Venson should have been the ones to be dropped from cabinet to give those who will be contesting a chance to lead.

That would have helped the party to get closer to the people and to earn respect from voters.

But the President decided otherwise and even elected new members of the BDP like Arone to cabinet and overlooked those who have been with the party for longer.

Perhaps by electing Arone, the president wanted to prove that all members of the BDP are equal regardless of when they joined the party.

Again I am not surprised by some of the decisions that were made because during one of our caucus meetings, the President asked those who didn’t want to be considered for Ministerial positions to let him know and some, I understand did indicate to the president that they were not interested.

Q. Who didn’t want to be elected to cabinet?

I suspect that the MP for Nkange Constituency, Edwin Batshu is one of them because no one expected him to be left out.

He is a respected man with integrity.

The Ministry that he worked for deals with foreigners who want work permits and Batshu will go down in history as one minister who refused to be bribed unlike a certain former Assistant Minister who was once arrested for receiving a bribe while at the same Ministry.

Batshu is the type of man you wouldn’t easily remove from cabinet and that is why I am convinced he must have asked to be dropped.

He is the same person I had expected to be made Vice President.

The current VP, Slumber Tsogwane looks slow, but I understand he is a good technocrat who is very productive and that is why he was chosen.

Q. So what has been the most challenging part of your job?

Some of the Ministers don’t answer questions well while some do not even attend parliament to answer questions.

I have taken it upon myself to address that and will be reporting offenders to the highest office.

It is time to name and shame such ministers because it is their responsibilities to account.

Q. Elections are around the corner, what are the BDP chances?

Our popularity has been going down with Umbrella for Democratic Change making serious inroads in our territories and we were frightened.

However, We are now happy because the UDC is collapsing and people are defecting to the BDP in mass.

By the look of things there won’t be any Umbrella in 2019 and it is good for the country for them to disband now.

It is upon us to use all the strategies and help Masisi to rule for two terms like his predecessors but the biggest challenge will be to create jobs for youth.

Graduates are roaming the streets without jobs and that situation needs to be fixed fast.

Q. How do you plan to achieve that with government crying about lack of money?

Nyaa rra madi a teng, this country is rich.

People in my constituency once asked me where we got the money to buy new a fleet of BMWs for Ministers when we are failing to build them a tarred road. How do you answer that?

Q. Back to your strategies, what is it that you are going to do to win the hearts of voters in 2019 general elections?

At our recent caucus we agreed to work with Trade Unions, we have been having a strained relationship with them.

Soon we will extend an olive branch to them.

If it was according to me, no one in government would earn less than P3000 a month and that would be including cleaners.

There are also allegations that the media hates the ruling party but it is not true, the media writes the truth.

The new government must re – visit the advertising ban on private media because a thriving media would also create employment for graduates.

Q. What is your message to party members?

Emisang go tswela madi a Sechaba pelo. (Stop salivating for public funds) Ministers must resist temptation and if a Minister’s name is mentioned in corruption practices, the President must drop that person from Cabinet with immediate effect even before he appears before court.

That alone would show that the President is against corruption.

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