'I asked god to wake her'
ACCUSED: Kesupile tried to resurrect his lover


A man accused of stabbing his lover to death has admitted dousing her mutilated body with anointing water in a desperate bid to bring her back to life.

36-year-old Tonota resident Gobitsa Kesupile appeared before Francistown Magistrates Court on Wednesday morning charged with the murder of his girlfriend, Malebogo Rakhudu.

Rakhudu’s blood-drenched corpse was discovered at her home on Monday morning.

She had suffered multiple stab wounds and is thought to have died some time between the 12th and 13th of August.

The tragic incident took an unexpected twist when it emerged in court that Kesupile had tried to resurrect his lover.

“He was applying some anointing water to the person who was already dead; he believed he had the powers to awake the deceased!” revealed the Investigating Officer, Detective Inspector, Richard Malibamba.

However, with those inside the packed courtroom listening on in absorbed silence, Kesupile refuted this claim, explaining, “I did not say I could revive her; I was asking God to wake her!”

The accused paused for a second before quietly adding, “But it did not happen.”

Requesting the Mhakamme Ward resident be denied bail, Malibama pointed out that the case was extremely fresh and the police were still gathering evidence, which the accused could interfere with if released.

“The tempers of the deceased family are still high so we fear for the the suspect’s safety,” he added.

An unimpressed Kesupile contested this, arguing he was not worried about his safety as ‘God will protect me’.

His reasoning failed to impress presiding Magistrate Kose Makobo, however and he was remanded in custody.

Kesupile will next appear in court for mention on August 28.

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