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I am the sacrificial lamb-Kgosi Kgafela

Kgosikgolo Kgafela II (Pix from Internet)

Bakgatla Kgosikgolo Kgafela II has declared himself a sacrificial lamb in an effort to preserve Setswana culture and use it to save the nation from destructive foreign cultures.
Speaking at the inaugural Bakgatla Heritage Day in Mochudi recently, Kgafela II told his audience that there was now a growing disturbing tendency to accept bad behavior.
“We tolerate a situation where children insult parents and a person drives through a group of Bojale initiates and pretend everything is OK. Some of these things can be corrected through the stick. We will continue flogging until things come right,’’ he said.
“A Zulu is Zulu because of his culture and traditions. So is a Frenchman, a German, an Englishmen, a Swazi, an Indian and so forth”‘ he added.
He went on to say that Setswana culture in all its diversity is based on mutual respect within the community:
“Respect for each other makes us live and is the root of everything we do. It is this mutual respect that can bring us peace and joy and help us overcome poverty, anger and other social ills we have today”
In another development Kgafela who came to the event armed with a rifle encouraged Bakgatla tribesmen to carry modern and traditional weapons as a sign that they are prepared themselves and their culture.


  1. “Kgafela who came to the event armed with a rifle encouraged Bakgatla tribesmen to carry modern and traditional weapons as a sign that they are prepared…. ”

    This can pass for a drama setting….hae Kgafela, he he he …..

    Might be time to retrieve my rifle and see the sunshine. I forsee bokgabo brandishing their rifles all over the place.

  2. Waitse!.i guess this means fa mapodise ba dira stop and search.if they find you with a weapon,u don’t have lie and say you are going to a slaughter a goat or cow.one can simply say Kgafela asked me to carry one.

  3. ka nnete mokgatla wa lwala,tz s mafia,so people wl start killn each other thn he wl say they used 2 kill during those time of shaka zulu,maare mfana yoo o bolawa ke skaka blind(zolo).

  4. This is serious.The Bible says,’there is a way that looks right to man,but its end is destruction’.To my fellow countrymen,respect is earned and not demanded.Those who commit crime must be tried at the kgotla and if found guilty they can be given a limited number of lashes,not more than 4.A situation where people are flogged without trial,at night,mo mebileng is unacceptable.If you are a born again christian and your identity is culture,you are still a baby.

  5. I have nothing but only six words for Kgosi Kgafela.


    There is probably no greater honor that can come to any man than the respect of his colleagues. But my honor Kgosi Kgafela, how could you be respected if you do not respect your people? “Respect is earned and not demanded”, Master38. As Kgosi kgolo you should be a role model not only to your people, but to everyone.

    So what does your leadership tell us as your followers? Don’t get me wrong I am not a Mokgatla but the fact that Kgosi Kgafela is kgosi kgolo makes me one of his followers because I am a Motswana. We all shall be guided by our superiors, but what if they are misguided? You say people lost ngwao, ngwao is not something that you can force into people, its culture and it changes with time.You say people are recognized through their culture its true. But what you are doing my honor is not ngwao, it’s lack of respect on other man and violation of human rights. How would you feel if people came to your house, strip and flog you right in front of you wife and kids at your place? You have the right to maintain culture as long as you do not violate people’s rights, you know better.

    You go around carrying a riffle and you encourage it, I’m not sure if this is true. As an advice, man carried Knob-carries in the past for protection and they carried spears for hunting. Unlike knob-carries, with a spear the mission is to kill just like a riffle. So I do not know if you promote violence in the community. Maybe you want to do more floggings but hey my honor this is Botswana you kill a man you go down regardless of who you are or where you come from. You kill we hang. Killers be killed, as simple as that.

  6. Kgafela has disappointed a lot of people! There was a lot of high hopes that a young law degree graduate would come into power and turn Kgatleng into an exemplary modern district, proud of its culture and values without walking all over people’s rights and liberties! What we are increasingly being shown here is that he got into this position of serious responsibility completely unprepared and is making a lot of mistakes that can only destroy his leadership before it even starts! This is a sad anti-climax after massive enthusiasm and high expectations! He needs to go back to the drawing board and surround himself with the many scholars of Kgatleng that were ready and willing to work with him and the community at large to make this place exemplary in unifying the community behind common good and values that observe the rules and regulations that are well known, and turn it into a vibrant economy! If he does not review his approach, only a sad fall from grace will follow here! A progressive leader is smart, flexible and listens to constructive criticism that is logical and carefully considered! He also constantly reviews his ways of doing things with fairness, unbiased justice and honesty driving his agenda, listening to rational, nonsycophantic independent counsel at all times! He should look at Bakwena Kgosi! No one is above the law when they have broken it no matter how much they wish they could be! This is sad really! I hope this leader could just look at what has been happening under his leadership so far to realise why people are not impressed!

  7. I guess restoring culture to Kgosi means:
    *street justice,
    *flogging with no trial,
    *Once accused you are guilty-thus you naturally loose your right to defence.
    > This man’s vision of a moral upright Botswana is scaring

  8. Underage Coward Professor ga ga kgafela ke go lathelela chaba e bile ke go e bolaela ruri fa ele bana ba bannyi bone ke ba utlwela botholko ka gore ba tla tlhalefa ba fitlhela thakathakano mo morafeng wa bone ba sa itse gore tota gatwe go etsefala eng,Master38 respect is earned and not demanded indeeded culture changes with time thats why a ka seke a apare matlalo,ga ke kgone go tshware sentle gore ngwao ya ga rre kgosi e a buang ka yone ke efe sentle ntle ka gore bogolologolo gone go iwa dishabining, go iwa diphating(parties) ko merakeng re letsa dirokote re batelwa banna ba ba re siang ka bo 50 years,gona le lelwapa le letona lele lennyi monna a kgona go nna le basadi bale 3 e se bothata,o kganna batho go etisa,ba ratani ba beletswa go ima ga bone, can i please knw the culture that you are talking about mr chief?


  10. If someone is said to have misbehaved, ka setswana(including Sekgatla), motho o biletswa fa pele ga lekgotla go tla go arabela molato wa gagwe, o fiwa tshono ya go supa gore ke eng a se molato. fa a bonwa molato, o fiwa mabele a kgomo. mo ga bo ganka mo motho a bolelelwang ke bo marata helele gore motho o sentse, a bo a raya bo marata helele gore ba ye go betsa motho, before establishing the facts and following proceedure, ba go feleletsa ba re ba ne ba sa itse gore motho o itsholofetse, and ga ke itse gore seganka sa teng sone setla reng! A gun is nothing and batho ba ka se go tshabe, this guy cannot intimidate anyone ka gore mo re a mokaletsa. If govie a tlogela batho ba tsamaya ba tsho dilthobolo mo strateng ba re ke ngwao, then rena le problem. This thug must be locked in jail because rona o a re tena. Nna ka re ke emetse fela gore ba e go tsena mo jarateng ya my relatives ba ba betse mob style…i will defend all my relatives ke mo supegetse gore ga se sepe. If they can envade the teritory of any of my relatives ko boseja, then i will retaliate by full force, i will hunt them down one by one ke ba ruta ngwao, like that mosetse boy. the government must act now, if it doesnt act, then every man has a right to defend himself. these criminals must taught a lesson. dont say i didnt warn anyone. Botswana is a law abidding country, we are not going to be terrorised by people who are supposed to look after us. I still have confidence in the government…but they must act now to make sure we dont lose confidence. Even Tshekedi Khama never did this. he followed procedure, even when he ordered a white man to be whipped, the white man was given chance to defend himself. Mo ga ko Mochudi ke botsenwa fela…they started off destroying a Mascom tower because they think they have a right to do that! next time someone is going to die and then people will start pointing fingers at one another. This criminal suspect must be humbled.

  11. i dnt think kgafela o ne a setse a godile go ka gata setilo sa bogosi, coz really this guy gaise a gole. he should have let his cousen to hold for him for a while, while still growing lefa gotwe boatsalelwa he rushed to take the chair. Goapala, this guy went to school where is his education i dont think he was wining cases at courts, he does nt have the rational. He must go back to UB may be Masters of Law can help him, fa gopadile a reye Borre Oyapo Ndaye ba mothuse ka matsipa kagobo goapala,

  12. wena kgafela o tshamekisa batho waitse.. nna o te o kgome mongwe yo ke mo itseng, ke to le ruta batho le malopenyana a gago..ke ta le tshwara one by one ke le shape ditsebenyana tse, la twaela ke ale bona

  13. eish ke mathata kwa kgatleng! This kgang ya gore bogosi bo a tsalelwa ke yone e re senyetsang tsamaiso, ako e emisiwe pliz. Fa motho a ne ele motho yo o thaga, senatla, e bile a itse go tshela le bangwe ka ene, ga go reye gore morwa kana motlogolo wa gagwe o tla nna jalo. so lets stop giving wrong pple bogosi jst bcos ke bana ba dikgosi.

    Kgafela, culture is dynamic – pple no longer wear clothes made of skin instead they put on cotton clothes, instead of spears they use guns,selei is substituted with motor cars, jst 2 mention a few. This means behavior wil also change. so chief lead by example: the strength of a good leader is shown in the defense of his pple not their distruction. Changane ya go bitsa mfetu u mst be careful neh!

  14. somebody please tell this boy king gore RESPECT CANNOT-AND HAS NEVER BEEN ENFORCED…u want respect,and u want to show the world gore u are a big headed Kgosi Lopenyola II—let me remind u MR,|(i know some people in ur fearsome circle read this articles)…instill discipline first..teach the young ones respect and how to respect ones body….jaanong mokgatla o mpolaya ka rifle–nnyaa ruri foo o mpheditse!!!

  15. thats cool Ceaze nna ke ithlobogile, wa gana mokgatla kana di matla tse di sa tsenang sekolo di tsile go fetsa ba bangwe.

  16. ke gopola the day that was perceived to be maasive in the history of Bakgatla chefdom, the day mokgatla assumed what was rightfully his. what a day! pelo tsa bakgatla di ne di wetse, so much enveloped by joy, which blinded many. bakgatla le boi, the same power u granted to bogosi jwa lona ga bo le robatse and you even forgot setswana se se reng “kgosi ke kgosi ka morafe”, you have subjected yourselves to whatever you are experiencing. you still have the power to put this to an end, and in my view, this is the root of the problem. until your consciousness is aroused le santse le tsile go lela. nna i dont blame the president for not intervening coz mafoko mangwe which i can stil remember very well offended him fa le tlhoma kgosi. mme le gale gatwe ngwana yo o sa leleng o swela tharing, ntshag ka tlhaa, one day selelo sa lona se tla utwiwa. ma only question ke gore, bogosi jo ga bo na bogakolodi, mokgatla ga a na bo rangwanaagwe?

  17. I just do not understand why Kgafela a leka so hard to explain why a dule mo tseleng.The reasons he is giving shows he knows that what he is doing is very wrong and off culture.He is totally wrong whichever way he looks at it because because ga go ise go diragale mo setswaneng gore batho ba latelwe mo malapeng ba betswe.That kind of dicipline e ne e diragala fa batho ba siile ba tshaba go ya bone bogwera boo le bojale eseng go belaewa gore ba molato.Ka setswana kgotla e nnetse foo go sekaseka melato le go otlhaya batho ka fa tshwanelong.I dont get why a re he has been sacrifised,by who?and an’t you old enough to know wrong from right,ga o a tsena sekolo,wa dira molao.Cant you say NO,TO PREVENT BATHO GO TLHOKA MOLAO.For you to be Kgosi did not give you the right go gatella batho le go ba tlhokela botho.Ga o Modimo and you are annoying God.I mean how can you say batho ba tsamaye ba tshotse dibetsa e le sesupo sa gore ke preapared for what ever you say.How pathetic is that.Re leka go ruta le go bua le batho go emisa dipolao,wena wa re batho ba nne preapared go bolaana,ga se gone gore kamoso go bo go bolaanwa,akere gape o ruta batho gore motho o betswa fela everywhere le gone a sa buisiwe.Kamoso go tla abo go bolawana fela for no reason,fa o gata motho ka phoso,wa bolawa.Its sad how you are trying to make culture your own culture,o a latlhega rra,come off your high horses,o tlhomola pelo.Se o se dirang ga se setswana gotlhelele….NO NO NO,A MASIVE NO.

  18. This Kgosi is gonna cause tribal war. Bakgatla be careful kgosi ya lona e lebega le leso e tla le atlholela motho ko kgotleng. Emisang go ntsha banyana dipelo.

  19. if o ne ose kgosi RRE ke ne ke tlaare oa peka.ke eng o akanya gore thupa e ka aga batho,le gone bagolo.u need to talk with them,peacefully.lere le ojwa le sale metsi rra.u r just being ridiculous in all this immature decisions.i hate that and u need to act like a kgosi.