“…being fit and healthy is a matter of choice.”
Sinqobile Ndlovu –Tessa
Forget the Chinese and their lotions which they claim can make you be slim, fit and sexy by simply rubbing your tummy with the ‘magic lotion’ to discover you have lost weight overnight.If you read the small print on the lotion it will tell you it works only with exercise and diet and not by simply rubbing. While the Chinese magic lotion is just a fallacy the good thing is that it is still very possible for ladies to have that flat tummy and curves that will make brothers go weak in the knees while men on the other hand can also have the six pack that will have ladies stuck on them.
All it takes to have that great body is exercise and eating healthy.
“When we talk of exercise, we are not just talking of exercising but professional exercise which produces results at the end of the day,’’ says fitness trainer and owner of Gaborone West Fitness Centre, Socca Moruakgomo.
He however said people should understand that it takes dedication and discipline to have that perfect body.
“If a trainer draws a programme for the trainee it must be followed without any compromise so that in the end both parties are happy,’’ he said.
He dispelled the belief that they are some people who are doomed and born to be chubby and shapeless or skinny and unfit.
“Yes we are different people with different bodies but being fit and healthy is a matter of choice. Anyone who wishes to be fit can be fit,’’ said Moruakgomo.
“You can have that Beyonce or David Beckham body if you seek professional advice and follow it,’’ he added.
He said besides being fit and healthy because of professional training, one can also be firm with a great posture which will counteract some back damage that can be caused by sitting slouched at ones desk all day
“Professional training comes with many benefits and that it why we advise people to go to the gyms,’’ he said.
However Moruakgomo said this does not mean individual training without going to the gym does not bear fruits.
“One can exercise at home but the problem is that one is bound to relax and never follow the routine.”
He said besides training people should eat healthy and have balanced meals all the time.
His sentiments were echoed by Keitumetse Ingrid Mpete, a dietician at Nature Care who said some people make a mistake of regarding a healthy lifestyle ‘as a thing for some people’.
“Being healthy and fit is not just for models, the rich and the famous, everybody should thrive for a healthy lifestyle because it has benefits. A healthy lifestyle means one is not prone to diseases such as diabetes, high blood pressure and heart diseases,’’ she said.
She also said people should avoid fatty foods such as chips and fat cakes (magwinya) but instead stick to a balanced diet which is rich in fibre.

SHOWING OFF THEIR FITNESS AND FLEXIBILITY: Nono Ofi thile and Arnold Ramosikwane

“It is very possible to be fit, healthy and feel good all the time if one leads a healthy lifestyle. A healthy lifestyle is all about eating healthy and exercising,’’ she said.
She said it is also important to be mentally and spiritually well as it is also part of a healthy lifestyle.
For those who want to lose weight, Mpete said they should understand it is not about starving oneself.
“The only way to lose weight is having that balanced diet and exercising and not about going for hours without eating,’’ she said adding that having that pear body (with a flat tummy and modest hips) which many ladies long for is very possible.
Gym fanatics Nono Ofithile and Arnold Ramosikwane are living testimonies that fitness training coupled with a healthy balanced diet are equal to a great body.
“Going to the gym for fitness training is a part of me because to me a having a great body is my number one priority,’’ said Ofithile, who goes to the gym every day of the week.
It was the same with Ramosikwane who said being fit was a necessity because it does not only make him feel good but keeps him healthy all year round.

Tips for a fit and healthy you!
Be dedicated to your fitness training
If you decide to go to the gym be disciplined and follow instructors’ instructions
Take it one step at a time
Don’t stop fitness training even when you have reached the size you want. To keep in shape requires constant maintenance so remain diligent
Stay away from junk food
Have more unrefined foods, fruits and vegetables
Always remember the old rule- drink eight glasses of water a day

Extra benefits of being fit

Less or no visits to the doctor
It improves your posture
You feel more confident

Top seven most fattening foods

1. Refined Sugar
This is typically found in the form of high fructose corn syrup in most packaged foods. Just read the labels on the foods in your cupboards and it will most likely be an ingredient in about sixty percent of them.

2. Bread 
Although bread can be very good for you, most people consume way too much.
It is a huge fat producer especially when consumed during times of low activity.

3. Chips

These are a double whammy.

First they are made of white potatoes, which can pack significant fat on your belly. Second they are fried. A deadly combo that is proven to pack on pounds of excess fat very quickly.

4. Pasta

Pasta is a heavily dense “starchy” carb food.

When consumed at the wrong times… it can quickly add excess fat to your stomach.

5. Fizzy drinks.

Whether diet or not… due to extreme sugar content soda is among the greatest fat producing culprits on the planet.

6. Beer

Beer is loaded with empty calories and is known to cause wild spikes in your blood sugar levels.

Continuous consumption of beer will surely leave you with a lot of extra fat around your midsection. A common sign of heavy bear consumption is a beer belly.

7. Cheese.

Cheese is among the toughest foods for your system to digest.

When consumed in abundance it has a habit of sticking around in your intestines… a problem that leads to bloating and elevated fat storage.

If you need to lose weight then eliminating these fattening foods or at least strictly limiting them from your diet can work wonders.

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  1. ….laziness is a disease,i mean most people will always salivate when u walk past them in that vest or tight fitting t-shirt but its very simple to build that body which u are dying for,it only takes commitment,nd 3 ds to get it nd almost all of us hav the potential..rome was not built on a day