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Hopeless AB gets

Hopeless AB gets
Jeff Ramsay

Ordinary folks’ pleas concerning the unreliability of Air Botswana have been falling on deaf ears for far too long and Shaya is happy to note that a high ranking government official who was also recently subjected to the useless national Airline’s frustrating delays couldn’t help but also lash out on social media.

Govt spokesperson, Jeff Ramsay lost his cool and threw PR etiquette out of the window on his way to London recently and vented on Facebook

He wrote. “Thank you everybody for your b-day greetings. I had hoped to be in London today preparing for official business starting tomorrow, but have been in OR Tambo airport since yesterday, until now without decent WiFi. Anyway have a boarding pass for an overnight to Heathrow with SA who have rescued my colleague and me from wretched British Airways and hopeless AB, so finally relaxing and unwinding in the Slow Lounge. God Bless you all.”

Now that the government mouthpiece has spoke, can somebody get off their lazy behind and correct the situation already!