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Don’t be surprised when you some toned muscles from most of Chiefs players this coming season. We have hit the gym running. It is just wonderful to be with boys at training; there is no time for sleep. We start the day at 0830 and go later do the afternoon session at the ground. Our new coach Madinda Ndlovu arrived last week and the players have already warmed up to him. I know him personally having worked with him before at Township Rollers. I still regard him highly and i hope to continue having a positive relationship with him. I have never been hated by a coach no matter how difficult I can be.

Madinda Ndlovu

Madinda magic
I have to warn people that our new coach knows everything about our football. He has been following it from his native Zimbabwe and was well aware that I had decamped to Centre Chiefs. The coach did not waste any time, he went straight to talking football, he made it clear that the holidays are over andwe should get back to work. Coaches are different they all have their different songs nice and bad but as player we have to dance to the tune. While at Rollers we played as a team of youngsters. There were many of us and he just told us to go forward and play as attackers. Maybe this time he will come with something different. All coaches like to score goals so I think we will play an attacking game.


Any footballer should be ready to take up any position assigned to him by the coach. I remember I was once used as an anchor man. I played as a defensive midfielder in 1995 when Rollers were relegating. It was very tough so watch out for surprises. Honestly speaking I don’t want to play there again though, I want to be on attack either  left or right wing. I will be lining up new celebrations but I still like the one similar to Anelka. We will see what happens.

The boys have gone for trials; I believe they both Noah and Jomo know what is expected of them.  They are now mature and will be better players. Overall Botswana players are ready for PSL in South Africa. Football is a mafia game, you don’t just sign, you never know. A deal has to be done properly, it is just unfortunate that we are not yet into selling that much; we still have to learn the business of selling players. This is partly disadvantaging us. Personally I don’t have a problem I am choosy and take things slowly.

Its’ a new season and obviously there are new expectations. So far the preparations have gone well. I expect another good season only this time we are going for silverware. I will continue from where i left off. If you succeed in pre-season then you can’t go wrong, provided you do not pick injuries. I expect things to go well. Currently there are no new faces, but I’m certain that we will be bringing more talent to the squad very soon.

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