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High cost of sex

High cost of sex
COSTLY AFFAIR: Morgan Porati

P40, 000 or eight cows for another man’s wife

The forbidden fruit of sleeping with another man’s wife has proved a costly pleasure for the Ministry of Education’s Deputy Director after he was found guilty of marriage wrecking and fined P40, 000.

50-year-old Morgan Porati will have to pay for his saucy bedroom antics with a married co-worker, Wanatsha Kwadibe, 34, after the paramour’s husband discovered their steamy love affair.

Naked photos of the two lovers together – taken by Wanatsha’s husband, 43-year-old Corporal James Kwadibe of the Botswana Defence Force – were presented before Block 8 Customary Court as evidence of the illicit affair.

Initially, the BDF Corporal had been seeking P350, 000 compensation but Kgosi Isaac Dikwalo Monametsi awarded the aggrieved soldier either P40 grand cash or eight herd of cattle for his heartache.

During the trial, James told court he originally became suspicious of his wife last July when he found birth control pills in her handbag.

He said he confronted Wanatsha, who eventually confessed in writing that she was in a relationship with Porati.

“We agreed that we go to Porati’s house and they end their relationship. On our way my 5-year-old son asked me if we are going to see Porati.

“That really shocked me because it shows while I was away on trips she was meeting this man accompanied by my son. I called our parents for reconciliation and she promised to end their relationship,” testified the soldier.

However, it seems Wanatsha could not resist the lure of her lover for long.

According to James, in September he caught the cheating couple together in a rented house in Block 8 – which is when he took their naked pictures.

The BDF man revealed his wife has since moved into Porati’s house in Mochudi and has also asked for a divorce.

Despite the evidence before court, Porati denied having an affair with Wanatsha, who is the Principal Adult Educator at Department of Out of School Education and Training (DOSET), claiming that all he knows is she has filed for divorce.

He has two weeks to appeal the court’s verdict or else he must pay his hefty fine by the end of August.