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The new kids on the block in music production; Heaven Sent Production (HSP) might just become the next best thing in this country. In fact the studio’s Marketing Manager Itumeleng Garebatshabe of Intelligent Media is confident to say HSP is the first in the country to reach the international market.
The HSP family is made up of five producers and has become home to most young upcoming rappers.
In their new compilation called Moshito the young lads might have struck gold as the album is already enjoying massive airplay in local radios.
And the year 2010 could signal the beginning of a new era in the local Hip hop scene with the coming in of Moshinto since the release of P-Side’s late 90’s project.
“The compilation is a talent show for producers, artists, the studio’s graphic designers, and all involved. We are showing Batswana what we have and this compilation would set a platform for a lot of young rappers so that when they release solo projects their names would be known,” said one of the producers Karabo ‘Bally’ Leburu.
The Compilation (Volume 1) is a 28 track album showcasing strictly HSP artists. The all star collaboration called Anthem is already garnering a lot of airplay on radio stations and on-line.
This project features the likes of Simbarache, Before n After, Tshepi D, Young Black, Six Miks, Sleaz Ball, Practikal Skillz, Remedy, Trigga Catastrophe, Bally, Humble Hardman, Myk Trappa, Stolen B and the duo of Make Sense (Reflex and Obizzy). Most of these artists have been around for a while with others being fresh men in the local music scene.
Moshito or Moshinto as some might say is about work, passion, art and hunger and is possibly set to go down the history books as the best compilation project.
Volume 2 is set for release later this year featuring  tracks by local heavyweights including Konkrete, Nomadic, Zeus, Ming, HT, Buch D, StoneChyld Askari, Fosta Juliano, Cybil Nyte and young guns like Ghetto Prophet, Blain and Shay to mention a few. The project was produced by Bally, Obizzy and Humble Hardman.
HSD Marketing guru Garebatshabe said they left no stones unturned to ensure the compilation reaches the furthest corners of the world.
“Music sales are dropping all over the world that is why we have decided to market this album on line. If at this moment you  are not selling your music on-line you might be missing out on potential customers,” Garebatshabe said.
He said they have the compilation in 18 on-line stores across the globe.
“Currently the music is available on iTunes Mexico, Myspace Music, Amazone MP3, Nokia,limewire stores and many others in the USA and Europe,” he said.
Garebatshabe said their music is being monitored by Nielson BD in all the radio stations in the USA.
“Sound Scan monitors the amount of airplay we get on radio and television in all the 50 states in America. Do not be surprised that very soon we could have a video premiering on MTV,” said Garebatshabe.
The pioneer of the first mobile directory for service providers said the album can also be ordered through a postal order or DHL.

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ES the 3rd

Gud work HSP..thats a great work u doin soljas. By the way watch the space CloseBlood is bout to drop sthn massive, 4rm me ES the 3rd, um our


kip up da gud work HSP…


big ups, just random food for thought to other artists who arent getting the airplay and response they desire from the local scene, follow in their footsteps… the world is but a small village


Yo! i bought the album on itunes u guys should but it its dope! its not like it was made in bots