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Handling the next generation of keepers

Handling the next generation of keepers

Former Zebras star turns to coaching

Former Zebras goalie Kagiso Tshelametsi says football is his life and he does not see himself doing anything else.

Speaking to Voice Sport on Wednesday afternoon, the 38-year-old who is now a goalkeeper coach at Security Systems said: “I have never worked anywhere. All my work has been in football and I have never done anything else. Now that my days as a player are over I have decided to dedicate myself to coaching goalies,” he told Voice Sport.

“I want to help the country produce better goalkeepers and wish to coach outside the country in future,” he said.

“Football is my livelyhood and if any opportunity arises anywhere in the world, I’ll take it,” Tshela as he is fondly known to many said as he outlined his ambitions as a keeper trainer.

A FIFA Elite Goalkeeper Coaching badge holder, Tshela has already started his journey as goalie coach.

He spent last year and part of this year coaching the national under-17 keepers before being appointed the Diamond Zebras goalkeeper coach.

The man who says he was born a keeper and did not need inspiration from anybody to make his name between the sticks says that Botswana has great goalkeeping talent and he is pleased he has the chance to help develop such talent.

“During my playing days there were no trained goalkeeper coaches at either club or national level. We had to rely on ex-keepers who had no formal training. I’m happy that today’s keepers have trained coaches to help them and I’m happy that I’m one of those coaches,” the former Zebras goal minder said.

The former FC Satmos, Mogoditshane Fighters and Township Rollers goalie says in his short stint as keeper coach he has identified goalies who can be amongst the best if they take their trade seriously and look after themselves.

Amongst those are Jwaneng Galaxy’s Ezekiel Morake, Mwapole Masule of Township Rollers and Gaborone United’s Goitseone Phoko.

“I coached Ezekiel whilst at Satmos and I’m pleased he still shows the same hunger and will to learn. He will go far if he keeps performing, learning and looking after himself. Masule and Phoko can also reach the highest levels. All they have to do is to work on their weight and keep working hard between the posts,” Tshela said and in the same breath encouraged young keepers at whatever level to work hard for success.

Meanwhile Tshela intends to get many more goalie coaching badges and would love to one day have a EUFA Pro License, the highest coaching qualification in the world.

“I am an ambitious coach and will get the necessary qualifications to support my ambition,” he vowed.