Han C wins with Mahalapye spring fest 3.0

Leungo Mokgwathi
The Spring Festival at Seduda Lodge

It was a a perfect Independence Day for Mahalapye residents who turned for the Spring Festival at Seduda Lodge.

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The Afro-Pop star and Mahalapye native successfully pulled in the numbers, with some patrons coming from as far as Francistown and Gaborone to indulge in his sublime sound.

Adding to his highly ecstatic hometowners were his industry friends, including MC and social media icons Hey Nyeena and MC Theo who added a vibrant dazzle to the star studded line up which consisted of South African songstress Paige as well as locals Bouncy, Khoisan, DJ Chabo and FME DJs.

Despite her being shadowed by scandals around numerous cancelled gigs in Botswana recently, including another one on that same day, the people of Mahalapye surely got their moneys worth as Paige put on a stunning performance that left the audience begging for more.

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Bouncy was also a favourite of the night, clad in a risque black jumpsuit as she took on her equally enticing songs such as Peter and Serope Mperekela. DJ Chabo and Casper the DJ also impressed with their sets.

The man of the day definitely shone like the star he is! Ascending from his debut tracks which gave the audience a heart gratifying feeling of nostalgia, to his latest jams which are currently dominating local airwaves, Han-C’s performance was a great reminder of why he’s currently on every promoter’s top artists list.

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From the beginning to the very last instrumental when dawn struck on the morning of October 1, the Mahalapye Spring Festival was a thrill worth returning to next year.

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