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Hamptons show will go on despite restrictions

DETERMINED: Debbie Smith

Popular Jazz festival, The Hamptons, which is scheduled for this Saturday will go on despite strict conditions issued by the Gaborone City Council (GCC) this week.

This was confirmed by the show organiser, Debbie Smith, in an exclusive interview this morning.

In a statement issued by the city council yesterday organizers have been instructed to ensure that the show that will be held at Duma FM grounds does not go beyond the stipulated 00:00hrs.

“This condition is non-negotiable…The musical instruments shall be played at a lower pitch so as not to cause extreme nuisance and or peace and tranquillity to the inhabitants of the neighbourhood,” the statement reads in part.

Smith said despite the circumstances, the show will go on.

She however was reluctant to confirm or deny allegations that they intended to seek an urgent court application on the matter this afternoon. “We will have a press brief to iron out every doubt on the show.”

Smith stressed “The show will go on, that is for sure. All we want to do is to try and resolve the time issue because we are suffocated. I mean a live performance takes 10minutes just for mic check.”