HELICOPTER MISSION UNACCOMPLISHED: Seretse bidding farewell to MP Mephato Reatile

Minister Seretse’s tactical approach leaves Kokong villagers more angry and baying for blood
The Minister of Justice, Defence and Security, Ramadeluka Seretse left Kokong residents in Ngwaketse West simmering with rage after denying them dialogue during a Kgotla meeting last Saturday.
The Minister went to Kokong at the request of residents to address a witchcraft talk over an alleged ritual killing/suicide or missing-man-turned-Zombie. However, he refused to take any questions from the obviously eager crowd, as he feared it could provoke emotions and aggravate tempers that could possibly lead to a big ruckus.
“I would not say what I wanted to in front of this meeting. I do not want to provoke emotions. I will call the royals and the reporter (family representative) aside. There will be no questions in this matter. This is not a trial and I do not wish us to restart this talk. Please bear with me as I know we are all affected in different ways but we do not have enough police officers here to calm this crowd,” the Minister pointed out.
The issue was about Ogorogile Bonane, a man whose half body corpse was found hanging on a tree last October a few days after he went missing. The village believes he was turned into a Zombie. However a pathologist report identified a shell of ribs and skull, which was found hanging on a tree outside the village as a positive match to Bonane. The post mortem failed to identify the nature of his death as his body was found decomposed.
“I hear you, but I am not going to adjudicate over the matter. From what I gathered from the reporter, what was buried was not a human corpse (the crowd agreed in unison), and you believe it because so and so said they know where the missing person is,” the crowd roared again in accord before the Minister added that, “what I can remind you is that you cannot disprove professional findings with your layman’s opinion. Things can be disqualified by those that can match them. “
But Kokong residents were disappointed and talks of violence were openly declared after the meeting.
“If he was eaten by the animals as this report says then his trousers would have been torn because the legs and waist were missing. We found the trousers and shoes put neatly down and we could not help but wonder what a neat hyena it must have been which can undress a person and put the trousers neatly down before eating and taking extra food for its offspring’s,” Tuelo Zulu, representing Bonane’s family had earlier reported their grievance to the Minister. In fact he was the one referred to as the reporter by the Minister.
Zulu added that “there is no way a three day old dead body could be as dry as a biltong and not stink. This report (of the DNA tests) could have been written to deceive us because it is not supposed to be questioned,” Zulu said.
Bonane’s uncle, Tumiso Noko was among a delegate sent by Kokong to summon the Minister. He says he was shocked by the Minister’s failure to address the matter.
“As an elder we called him to address the matter and he tells us he does not want to provoke emotions. Just listen to his talk! He knew before coming here the kind of emotions we were going through and we called him to soothe them. It was no secret people told him that they were emotional and we did not even hear why he came all the way here for,” Noko expressed his rage.
In fact the 56-year old uncle feels betrayed by the Minister.
“The Minister has failed us. Today he is telling us not to talk or ask any questions lest we provoke tempers. He is talking about protecting the culprits, protecting the rich people who have kidnapped our son. Just listen to his logic. He says because my sister is poor, therefore if we talk bad about the rich they can drag us to court and sue us,” Noko’s temper was flaring.
Another speaker, Oletetswe Pitso suggested that Kokong residents send another delegate to President Ian Khama Seretse Khama so that the matter is discussed once and for all.
“People have confessed to taking part in this thing,” said Pitso.
However the people who are said to have made confessions to the village chief, Kgosi Maologa Moalafi had long denied the allegations and said they had been misinterpretation by the chief and the whole village.

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  1. bo rramadfeluka lo solofelang mogo bone tota ruri. bogolo ke eng lone losa mmotse ka bo di fridge jaana, botsididi le mogote. tseo odi tlhaloganya botoka…but another one is waiting in mochudi. now segametsi no 2

  2. ao batho…gatwe a reng?…I mean how is this mystery supposed to be solved apart from putting sum logic into their assumptions…Its time we face facts and start believing in modern technology the DNA’s says its the guy…then its the guy…burry him & let sleeping dogs lie.

  3. Bo Ramatleluka bane tota ba akgelang ka dikgang tse ba sa di itseng kgotsa o tsere leoto le lengwe rra re sa itse?

  4. tsena madeluksa le nna nka se ikgolege ntate cos is a matter of beliving or not lik it has already bin said witchcraft cannot be taken to court so wena pitso if dey dont listen to you last time i checked der wer churches which can deal with dis tins and our traditional doctors i hate dis people whu turn others into zombies if a was the president i will kill dem al

  5. i rily dnt get wat the honourable was supposed to do at the meeting. if the family does not believe in the dna results i suggest that they get an independant pathologist. dilo tse tsa boloi di a tena e bile ga di tlhaloganyesege. tota bohumi ga ke bone ele molato, so it’s unfair if pple get blamed just because they are more equal than others despite them being all equal.

  6. Emang pele! Gatwe some people have already confessed and now are denying!!!? This is a big joke, those people should be thoroughly questioned, le ene Kgosi tota. If at all they confessed to Kgosi, then the is no need for the Fridge Master. Ena le tsone dikopa tsa mapodis di ka e leka.

    Ndelu, tsamaya o ye go inwela metsi a fridge home boy. Tse tsa setswana di ka golega motho…

  7. If we not gonna go to church there is way much more mystry comin,people we need to understand we don’t have Jesus in our hearts,we don’t have any light,we don’t have any light,we don’t have any knowlege,we don’t have any knowledge,we don’t have any power over such things.No one is safe the ugly devil is takin no prisoner,be warned!! As for Seretse he is just as puzzled as evrybody!!

  8. nnyaa ruri ke mathata mo ke maranyane maitsiwe ke beng bondelu ga ba kake ba kgona boemong jwa ga ndelu ba ka bo ba biditse dingaka tsa setso bo nka dilatha

  9. motho wa ditiro tse, tse dibosula jaana o laolwa ke madimona, boloi jo jwa batho ba mofuta oo, o bothotholetswe ke rona batswana ka go batla go ithathagatsa mmele le dikgwebo. we need to understand that nama ya motho ga e thathafatse le gone go tsisa khumo. what remains is that you have sinned against God. Ke dumela gore batho ba mofuta o, ga bake bahuma. Ba tla swa ba le basetlha. Ba fetsa our future leaders ga re bate go tseelwa lefatshe jaaka le tserwe kwa mafikeng go tsena koo bakgatla ba simologang teng. a setoropo se lele ndelu o supe se o leng sone nfetu!!!!

  10. Ndelu tsaya bone ba ba-confesitseng, and give them to DISS… ‘wa tseba ngwanaka!! batla dira tiro.
    Ijakga!! ga e kake yare GM Kgosi a kgona go tshwara Ma-Chaina (ba ba tshwanang o kare dipeba) a palelwa ke bo Ndaki


    Batho ba ba sa kgoneng go iphemela ba sa ntse ba tsile go bolawa ka mokgwa o so long as re sa ntse re batla go nna jalo. Dikereke, mapolotiki, dingaka tsa setso, communities ba batla go nna jalo.

  12. kana go maswe kwa ga mmadomi ba re tlogela 1 by 1.bana ba rone ba bo tlile go nyelela bajelwe ko bo makgorwane.dietla ditlhopho!

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  14. Tota why r we fighting 4 material things wen we stil hve a long way 2 go,ke ipotsa gore a batho baa tlhaloganya gore gatwe baswi botlhe ba tlaa tsoga nd each nd evrybody will be judged according 2 their deeds in this wrld.So if u thnk u r killing sum1 go ikhumisa oa goya kae ka tsatsi leo…?People learn 2 read spiritual buks nd believe in GOD!!

  15. and the same to u ESCO, son of a snake… u think the family of that guy ar as happy as u are…fuck u…

  16. this guy was enjoying himself ka sefofane sa sesole batho ba akola tlhe hope he enjoyed the holiday

  17. Mxem!Lone lo solofetseng mo go ene yoo?I mean the guy never say anything se ke a tleng ke se utlwe gore tota a reng!I feel for you!

  18. Death is the best thief ever,u never kno how,why and when it comes.The best thing to do is to mourn,burry the deceased and live on.Only God knows everything,whether the guy has been turned into a Zombie or not,the thing is only Him is the great judge.He will punish the cruel and bless the blameless.May the guy’s soul rest in peace.

  19. ke tlhaloganya botlhoko jo batho ba ba bo utlwang but truly speaking lefa baka bitsa tautona it wont help. its too complicated. its so sad

  20. This is a very complicated case even the president will not have anything to say because there is no evidence that he was tuRned into a zombie.Mysterious cases a solved in mysterious way.Vist traditional doctors they are the one who can solve this case.

  21. Batho ba fetsa ba bangwe, mme on diz one tona had no say.Batsadi ba ngwana ba tshwanetse go letse mopane mo dilalomeng tseo, jus saying.

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