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Habitual robbery suspect back in court


A robbery suspect who has been on the police ‘wanted’ list for violating bail conditions was this week hauled back to court after he was arrested in another armed robbery.

34-year-old Oscar Ncube who is facing a series of armed robbery charges, ran out of luck when he was nabbed after police responded to the armed robbery at Steel Galaxy in Phakalane.

Extension II Magistrate Court today (Wednesday) revoked Ncube’s bail after he failed to honour bail conditions set in another armed robbery committed in 2016.

It is alleged that on the 24th of June 2016 at Mokolodi Ncube and the other two, acting together in concert, used violence and stole property valued at P11 400 belonging to Goolam Nabi Mustapha.

Ncube was then granted bail on condition that he report to Old Naledi Police on weekly basis, pay P1000 cash bail, not commit similar offence while on bail and to provide two sureties.

Investigating Officer, Detective Senior Superintendent Seargent Marapo, told the court today  that Ncube has since violated the bail conditions by absconding court and continuing to commit a series of armed robbery offences.

He said on the 5th of January 2018 Ncube, Samson Leatlame and Nonofo Ntlhantsi robbed Steel Galaxy of cash amounting to P20 000, CCTV system and five cell phones.

“When we arrested the accused, we realised that his passport was not genuine. We confirmed with the immigration office and found out the passport belongs to a Luke Ndoro. This morning we sent a copy of the passport to Interpol Harare to also confirm the true identity of Ncube because we suspect it was forged. The accused is an illegal immigrant and he misled court with a fake passport when granted bail. We will provide case numbers for other armed robbery offences in the next mention,” said Marapo.

In response Ncube told court that Detective Marapo was lying and that his passport is genuine.

He said he has been granted bail twice using the same passport and asked Marapo if he has proof that it is not his passport.

He asked the court to bring a Zimbabwe Immigration officer to testify not a police officer.

Extension II Magistrate, Lechani Woto, adjourned the case and bail ruling will be heard on the 12th January. The accused was further remanded in custody.