Home News Gweta villagers blame flooding on new road

Gweta villagers blame flooding on new road

Gweta villagers blame flooding on new road
(L-R): Bonyo,Sebatso,Maphane & Ndaba

In the face of adversity, residents of Gweta whose village has been turned into a swamp following heavy rain falls brought by a tropical depression, ex-cyclone Dineo have accused government of negligence and lack of planning. Voice Reporter Dubani-Wa Dubani visited the devastated villages to hear what the effected people have to say.

Gweta villagers blame flooding on new road
Mathumo Bonyo

“For me it’s been a very scary experience. In fact I’ve never seen so much water before in my life. We were caught unawares because the flood just came from nowhere. It reached my home at about midday. I was with my family and neighbours when the water started seeping into the room we were in. After a while we realized its level was rising every moment and our efforts to stop it were useless. We saved what we could and hurriedly left our home. As I speak to younow my homestead is flooded and I’ve had to rent a room. Something should be done about the water drainage system in Gweta or we will have a disaster in the future. I bet Dineo is not the last cyclone we will have.”

Gweta villagers blame flooding on new road
Ernest BK Maphane


“I was born and bred in this village and I’ve never seen anything like this. I however do not blame the heavy rains for this but those with the information and the power to prepare for such disasters. The flood was caused by lack of culverts. There is not a single culvert to guide the water away from the village and into the pans. We never experience such a situation before they built the new road and for some reason decided not to build culverts to help drain the water. It’s urgent that this be done or next we might lose lives. The authorities should get serious”.

Gweta villagers blame flooding on new road
Gabotshetswe Sebatso

“We would not be in such a scary situation if those that are responsible for developments had any common sense. The flooding happened because of whoever planned the new road and forgot to include culverts. We’ve had heavier rains than this before in my life time and never had floods till they built the new road and blocked the natural water ways which used to drain the water into the pans. Now the water has nowhere to go because after blocking the natural water ways they did not build culverts. We have been asking for this to be done since we had the first flood in 2008. Maybe they are waiting for the floods to kill someone before they can act. Something should be done or we are doomed”

Gweta villagers blame flooding on new road
Christopher Ndaba

“A lot of people are now homeless and have lost property because somebody somewhere decided to build a road across natural waterways and forgot to build culverts to help with the drainage. If those that built the road had been intelligent enough we would not have had such a disaster. If nothing is done the next flood may drown us all. ”