Gunners' P1 million dream

Peleng giants send an SOS to loyal supporters

The embattled Lobatse giants, Extension Gunners have come up with an audacious plan to raise P1 million before the start of the 2017/18 season.

The Peleng outfit is facing multiple civil suits, a notable one being a P2 million suit from their former coach Pio Paul.

At one point the team’s playing kit was attached, which was an embarrassment to the Gunners family who last tasted glory in the early 90s.

As a response to the crisis besieging Mapantsula, Management then deduced a fundraising initiative hashtagged #VeryImportantPantsula #RaiseAMill #PayPaul.

This fundraising plan was clearly designed to settle Paul’s claim and to clear other debts.

According to a Management Committee member Ludo Kemoeng, the fundraising initiative was necessitated by shortage of working capital they encountered after taking over office.

“It was also prompted by recent claims from our creditors,” said Kemoeng.

In this ambitious scheme Gunners is sending out an SOS appeal to 1000 well-wishing members and supporters to buy VIP membership cards at P1000 each.

The holder of this exclusive card receives a free replica shirt, flag, special recognition as VIP at club events, P500 discount on next season’s VIP card and free access to all paid club activities including home games.

“We intend to run this project until the end of the season. This will help us cut our debts significantly,” Kemoeng said.

“With these debts taken care of, Gunners will now focus on winning silverware,” he said.

Kemoeng further urged Gunners supporters to be proactive and help make the initiative a success.

He said through this fundraising scheme they’ll be able to finally have a database of supporters.

“This is an opportunity for frustrated supporters to put their money where their heart is.”

“Our team needs us,” he said.

Kemoeng said as part of management he can’t absolve himself from the mess the team find itself in.

“We made some mistakes, but right now it’s not the time to start pointing fingers. Our players and technical staff have shown great character despite these financial challenges, so we also have to act as supporters,” Kemoeng told Voice Sport.

“Our fans must upgrade and become supporters,” he said.

Gunners are currently on position six with 30 points and look likely to finish in the top eight this season.

“We want to win the Top 8 next season,” Kemoeng added confidently.

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