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HEAVY ARTILLERY: BDF XI gunned down Chiefs

We were seriously gunned down on Saturday. The soldiers played their hearts out and totally dominated the match. They were very good; determined to ensure that they got all the three points. We made school boy mistakes and paid the price. I think this was the greatest wake-up call for the entire Centre Chiefs family, but I can tell you that we didn’t undermine them, as professionals we don’t do that.


It doesn’t matter that this weekend I would be facing my former club BMC; I’m declaring war and even the cheeky smiles of my mentor Daniel Nare will not stop me. Nare is a father figure to me, but that relationship would be suspended for ninety minutes this Saturday; I will play to win. Most people are already saying it would be a battle between Zebras team-mate Twizer Ramohibidu and myself; I beg to differ. In football it is never individuals against individuals. The BMC style of play makes it difficult for them to be out-played, they are a stubborn side. Even though they are tough on a good day I can personally skin any defender alive.

Togo player in action

We have been in camp for the most part of this week. We were only released on Thursday to go to our respective clubs in preparation for the weekend league matches. The national team has dropped in rankings, and I do not think defeating Kenya last week would help improve our FIFA rankings. If we really want to go even higher in our rankings we need to play top European sides and defeat them; that is the only medicine to moving up the rankings. However our drop in ranking should motivate us to work even harder in order to take the country back to the top. The good thing about the team right now is that even though we have already qualified for AFCON 2012 our commitment to matches is still the same; we still want to win every match and hope to do so against Togo. It was even sweater against Kenya because some players were given more game time and impressed the technical team.

The league started with a bang! Literally speaking I believe this would be a season for strikers, goals have been scored from all angles. We have scored eight in two matches; this is what football is about, supporters needed to be treated to entertaining matches with lots of goals. However it is a pity that when attacking players score many goals, now supporters turn to defenders and start questioning their quality. If they defend well again people dismiss us; they say we are firing blanks. I guess that is why they call it the beautiful game.

Only two matches have been played, but believe me when I tell you that I’m already feeling the heat. There is no turning back; men will start separating from boys. Tackles, cautions, suspensions, questionable decision from referees and all football politics would be the order of the day week in and week out.