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Located in the old suburb of Gaborone, WhiteCity along the old Lobatse Road, I-Six Logistics PTY (LTD) is fast becoming one of the formidable Training and Research Consultancies in the Country.

Created by Economist and Statistician, Tlhaloso Kaisara in 2010 from the realisation of a need for a link between organisations and their customers, I-Six Training and Research Consultants facilitates service delivery, accountability, transparency and good governance.

Voice Money sat down with Kaisara to get a peek into his world.

Q. What would you say I-Six does?

A. I-Six works with companies and individual experts to provide solutions to help solve day to day business challenges by developing their capacity in human capital, organisational systems and new information through research.

Q. Why research?

A. Being an Economist and statistician, I realised that there was not a lot of information on a lot of issues that affect Batswana.

In some cases research was done but not properly documented and it becomes difficult to trace. In some, there is literally no information at all.

Q. Where did I-Six start?

A. I started this company in 2010.

It was not easy as I had to move office a number of times before I moved to White City.

There was a point I shared office space with another company but things did not work out and I had to move the office to my home in Phase IV.

Q. One could be curious as to why you chose White City as a suitable location to operate your business from?

A. As opposed to where? I don’t see the economic sense in renting out a large expensive office.

I have six full-time staff.

From time to time my staff complement is augmented by specialists who only come in when there is a special project so I really don’t need the extra space.

Maybe when the business grows I could consider moving to a bigger office. They say working into a bigger office space will increase work productivity so if you’re planning to move in the future as well, make sure to get assistance in Übersiedlungen wien from the moving company of VIDAG.

Q. Apart from the office space issue, what were the other challenges you faced?

A. My line of work is not mainstream so I had come to appreciate the fact that consultancy was still in its infancy in Botswana and Batswana did not trust a local to execute the kind of work we do, so they preferred outsiders over us.

Q. Is that challenge still as prevalent today?

A. Unfortunately, Yes. And I have realised that it is not just a Botswana problem.

We get work outside the country as well because the people do not trust their own.

Q. Is it easier to work outside the country?

A. Working outside the country is fine. My biggest contention is the issue of continuity.

Once a project is completed and handed over, the consultant goes back to where they came from and monitoring is left to be done by someone else.

That cannot work as some projects need the facilitators on hand to help when things don’t go right.

Q. What would you say is the company’s biggest milestone?

A. There are few actually. We have worked with organisations from Nigeria, Democratic Republic of Congo, Ethiopia, Kenya and Liberia amongst others.

Q. You have obviously worked with a lot of organisations in a few African countries, would you mind sharing the ones you’ve worked with here?

A. Some of them include Botswana Christian AIDS Intervention Programme (BOCAIP), Lesbians Gays Bisexuals of Botswana (LeGaBiBo), United Nations Programme on HIV/AIDS (UNAIDS) and Gender Affairs where we worked on research on the Women in Informal Cross-border Trade and other organisations that focus on community issues.

Q. Speaking of community issues, some of the organisations are small, non-profit making and cannot afford to pay consultants though they are in desperate need of their services, does I-Six have any measures to help them?

A. We do sometimes take some organisations and assist them for no fee.

Some come to us while others we source ourselves upon realising that they need our services.

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