RESTLESS: Sarah Ndlovu

Families’ 28-year-old feud leaves a 77-year-old granny in stitches

A 28-year old dispute between two neighbours over a dead man turned bloody in a frenzy attack last Sunday. This further widened the rift between the families in Mathubudukwane village in the Kgatleng District.
In a blood-spattered attack investigated by Sikwane Police, a 77-year-old granny, Sarah Ndlovu, was left with stitches on the head and both arms whilst her neighbour’s daughter Tshephang Rasetshwane (37), sustained a deep cut on the forehead.
The fight is said to have been initiated by the old woman after allegedly insulting Rasetshwane for no apparent reason.
“Ever since I was a young girl this woman has been terrorizing our family. On Sunday when she saw me walking in the yard she started hurling unprintable insults as usual.
“I then went to her yard to understand why she was behaving like that but before I knew it she took a piece of metal and hit me on the forehead,” said Rasetshwane.
As the blood oozed and soaked her face she said she struggled with the old woman and seized the object that she used to hit her.
Rasetshwane admitted during an interview at her mother’s yard on Tuesday that she was overcome with fury and hit Ndlovu several times with the metal, which caused grievous harm to her arms and head.
Although Ndlovu denied ever initiating the fight saying Rasetshwane is the one who started throwing stones at her she admitted that the two families are bloody enemies.
She said the conflict dates way back in 1982 after her husband Adam Ndlovu died. She blames his death on Rasetshwane’s mother, Elsie Rabalago, 75, whom she believes bewitched her husband.
“When we were still young ladies and working in South Africa, I found myself a Swati man, my late husband. She asked me to share him with her but I refused. She then put muti in his traditional brew so that he could love her instead, but the muti did not work accordingly resulting in his death,’’ alleged Ndlovu.
Rabalago refuted the allegations saying the man died after being assaulted by the Boers in the South African farms where he was working.
“Her late husband was not even my type because he was just too short. The only time we came close to meeting was after his children stole my chickens.
“He phoned me explaining the circumstances that tempted his children to steal. He then asked me to meet him to discuss other things but that never because I later heard he died a day before our appointment,” she said.
The pensioner who is living on tablets to control her blood pressure said her health was deteriorating because of the conflict. She said the feud was so intense that she is now confined to her house because every time she shows her face in the open, Ndlovu starts hurling insults at her.

DEPRESSED: Elsie Rabalago

“I cannot even use the pit latrine during the day. I have to answer nature calls inside a bucket because I am so humiliated by the insults.  This is heartbreaking. I used to think she was mentally disturbed but after sometime I realized she was normal because she was only attacking me and my family,” said Rabalago.
From what The Voice team gathered after talking to both parties, Ndlovu was made to believe that Rabalago killed her husband by a traditional doctor and has lived with the hatred for years.
“She killed my husband, forced my children to flee from home and tortured my house,” alleged an adamant Ndlovu.
However Rabalago said her neighbour’s children escaped because of lawlessness and internal fights in Ndlovu’s household.
Meanwhile Rabalago has in her possession a knife, which was allegedly planted next to Rasetshwane’s house recently.


  1. Ndlovu ketse di sethogo tse e reng dinale mathata abo di blame batho ba bangwe.ke weakness golo moo.

  2. Kgafela o kae a kgaleme dilo tsa kwa gagwe ko kgatleng? Bo nkuku ke ba ba a bolaana. Mo ke gone mathata, bothata, dithata

  3. Heee Basadi!!
    a metlholo!?
    Mosadimogolo wa le wrestler. She never got over the death ya monnamogolo now she is playing the blame.
    I think we should learn to go counselling
    fa re le deppressed re lese go ipolaisa high blood.

  4. nnyaa mo ke mathata dithata betsho dilo tsa ko kgatleng ke meleko mosadimogolo wa 77 years o santse a lwa nnyaa ruri mathata

  5. 37year old hitting a 77year old?this girl is not serious she should be charged for attacking a vulnerable adult.a 77year old is defenceless.

  6. I dont think Cndy o badile this thing o bo o e thaloganya…nne o batla the 37yr old a dira eng?mogolo yo o kan aa go lwantsha ka matlhapa a bo a hella a go betsa o ka dirang wena?legone a go phunya tlhogo ka tshipi.

  7. Hai, a 77yr old shud not be in this, well so they say the more you grow older the more you ecaome a child, Motshodi o gaufi ba itse lebatleng ba ye go kgwatla!!!