Grandpa killed for pension
DECEASED: Israel Enosa

In a heart-wrenching incident that has left the Enosa family in Tsolamosese reeling in shock, the body of their 66-year-old relative, Israel Enosa was found plunged head first into a manhole a few meters behind his home.

Though investigations are still on-going, the grief-stricken family strongly believes that the deceased was murdered for his monthly old age pension by his step-son and two companions.

Details of the incident are that Enosa’s body was discovered on Friday morning after he was brutally killed by a mob of young men who are all suspected to be his relatives.

The family also suspects the involvement of his step-son in the murder as they say he often confronted the deceased complaining of lack of financial support and would forcibly take money from him.

Speaking to The Voice, the deceased’s visibly shaken younger brother 62-year-old Lekgotla Enosa revealed that his late brother was terribly murdered and cruelly dragged on the ground to where he was dumped in a the manhole situated behind his shabby one roomed house.

“There were drag-marks on the ground that looked like his heels were digging into the ground all the way to the drain,” he said.

Grandpa killed for pension
WORRIED: Lekgotla Enosa

Lekgotla also revealed that his brother was brutally stabbed with a sharp object below his left rib.

He also said that the door to his shack was broken and left in shambles, adding to the family’s strong suspicion that Enosa was murdered for his pension because he had been paid on the fateful Thursday.

After a brief manhunt by the police and neighbours, Enosa’s body was discovered in the drain with his legs tightly bound together.

“We suspect that the murderers wanted to hang Israel so that we assume it was a suicide, but the spot where they planned to tie his neck was too high and the stones they had piled up for The stones they intended to use in the plot are still there on the spot,” he said.

Deceased’s nephew, 41-year-old Rraoshi Enosa said he was called for his uncle from Mogoditshane, after he was identified.

“My uncle long reported to us that some relatives often assaulted him for his pension, and its the same people we suspect have killed him,” he said and added that, upon finding his body, Enosa’s phone, money and a pocket knife were missing.

“The knife was found on one of the three suspects. I am surprised to hear they have been released and are in Tsolamosese right now,” he said.

Confirming the incident to The Voice, Station Commander for Mogoditshane police, Agreement Mapeu, said they took some suspects for questioning and were soon released afterwards.

He said that no arrest have been made concerning the death of the old man.

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