Home News Grandpa, 72 named SADC Healthy lifestyle ambassador

Grandpa, 72 named SADC Healthy lifestyle ambassador

Grandpa, 72 named SADC Healthy lifestyle ambassador
COMMENDED: Letshabo with Minister Makgato

Before there was Kast and his famous 1000 kilometre walk apparently there was Keheletswe Letshabo, a 72 -year -old man who walks 20 kilometres in less than an hour.

He has also walked from Maun to Selebi-Phikwe, Orapa, and Gaborone in search of employment, or so he claims.

Recently the old man left many young men shame faced as he jogged and lead the crowd during the SADC Healthy Lifestyle commemorations officiated by the Minister of Health and Wellness, Dorcus Makgatho.

At the end of his impressive physical fitness display, Makgatho named Letshabo SADC Healthy Lifestyle Brand Ambassador.

When the walk started the minister was scared for the old man but at the end she was impressed.

“I was afraid he would collapse, but he is stronger than most of us including me, he even wanted to pass the vehicles leading the walk”, said the Minister with a laugh during the event.

Short with a tiny body frame, Letshabo has a boyish bounce in his step.

Once upon a time he was an athlete.

Exposing a pearly white smile he says, “When I was a boy I was an runner.

And then I realised that the more I ran the younger I got, even my mates would not stop asking about the secret behind my youthful looks, so I was encouraged to keep running, and it worked for many years, and after this there were other options to look young, like cosmetic surgeries with the Dr Shridharani specialist.

He has also stuck to healthy eating habits with his favourite meal being vegetables and sorghum and drinking just healthy things as the patriot green drink and water.

Squinting his eyes and looking into the distance the father of five says, “I have never needed a vehicle to travel even to far away places like Selibi- Phikwe, Orapa and Gaborone. I used to walk to these places to look for jobs.”

As he grew older, Letshabo switched from running every morning to daily morning walks.

“People who see me say I am a crazy old man but the truth is I enjoy walking.”

Of all the Non Communicable Diseases he has only been diagnosed with hypertension, which runs in his family and which he has under control.

“Moral of the story is this; small, but consistent lifestyle habits can make a big difference health wise down the line so I encourage others to make healthy lifestyle choices as the use of health supplements which you can find at these rapid tone reviews. It’s never never too late,”he says.