DIXON WARREN: BCL liquidator

Government has applied to the court for the removal of Nigel Dixon-Warren as the BCL liquidator.

The Minister of Mineral Resources, Green Technology and Energy Security, Eric Molale confirmed to parliament on Friday morning that an application has been made to the High Court to dismiss Dixon-Warren.

“We have applied through our lawyer, to the courts to say that we believe our relationship with the liquidator has broken down irretrievably,” said Molale, much to the amusement of members of parliament.

Molale also told parliament that government also believes BCL should rather go into judicial management, as opposed to liquidation.

Dixon-Warren is being accused by MPs for dereliction of duty, chief among them the flooding of mine shafts in Selibe Phikwe which is said to be putting lives of the town residents at risk.

Selibe Phikwe West MP, Dithapelo Keorapetse has been persistent about Dixon-Warrant’s removal as the liquidator, linking the recent tremor that have happening in Phikwe recently to the flooding of the shafts below the ground, which he said Dixon-Warren is failing to take care of.

Molale also confirmed to the house that a team form Geo Science Institute and from Department of Mines was dispatched to Phikwe to find out the cause of these tremors, which sadly pointed to the flooding of the shafts.

However, the minister was diplomatic to confirm whether a crime has been committed or not.

“At this stage I am not in a position to judge whether anybody has committed a crime or not, I have said we are following the legal process,” said the minister answering a question from Keorapetse on whether government has received any reports of bad corporate governance by the liquidator.

He however said they have had the allegations of corruption at BCL, but said they have advised that they be reported to the appropriate authorities.

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