Learning from a celebrity
Human hair, extensions and weaves are being used by women all over the world to create that stunning look, to make a fashion statement or simple to just have good hair days.
However to create that look, one has to know what suits her best according to the colour of the skin and the shape of the face.
The mistake that many people do is to just follow fashion trends for the sake of being up to date because in the end one just ends up looking like a Barbie doll.
One person who no doubt always gets it right when it comes to hair extension is American celebrity, Beyonce Knowles. From straight to curly weaves, lady like look to wacky hairstyles she has done it all but has still managed to look gorgeous.
We bring you some of the striking hairstyles that she has spotted and sure ladies can take a cue as they decide what to do with their hair. The good thing is that extensions are widely available locally though of course the quality won’t be the same as the ones used by Beyonce.


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