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Golden Hills Spur Steak restaurant reopens in Francistown

AT YOUR SERVICE: Koosimile with customers

Golden Hills Spur Steak Ranch restaurant, the latest addition to Francistown’s fast food craze is back in the second city under new management.

The new owner, a retired soldier turned businessman- Ishmael Koosimile, says he has invested more than P8 million in the new venture which opened for business this week.

The Spur Ranch Steak brand originates from Holland and has traded mostly in South Africa since its arrival in Africa way back in 1967.

Located at Ntote House, opposite Thapama hotel, the restaurant is housed in the same building as the previous Golden Spur but Koosimile says they are determined to offer improved service and best quality food.

Speaking to The Voice as his smiling staff served the restaurant’s first meals to delighted diners, Koosimile, who also runs security, refuse collection and supplies businesses intimated: “I put the money into this international brand because I believe it’s the best and I believe it will succeed in Francistown. Unlike most people I do not believe business in Francistown depends on mining. I have lived here nearly all my working life and I know what I am talking about”.

Koosimile further hinted that he raised most of the required capital through his numerous business ventures.

“Most banks were reluctant to lend me the extra money I needed but I am grateful to the National Development Bank who loaned the extra 2 million I needed to get the project going,” he said adding that most of the capital went into equipping the restaurant and staff training.

The elated father of one boy went on to say that he was also pleased to be adding to Ghetto’s international menu.

“This city has not had a restaurant that offers good food at an affordable price for a while and we have brought them that,” he added.

On another note the ambitious ex-army man says, with time, he intends to increase the Spur Steak Ranch presence in the northern part of Botswana as he is the sole holder of the Franchisee in that side of the country for the next ten years.

Meanwhile, during the opening ceremony delighted patrons appreciated the sumptuous food and top-notch service at the new steak eatery.

ALL SMILES: The friendly staff