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It is time to call out the Botswana Police Service and members of the government and demand the answers to why crime is being allowed to increase.

Y Crime increases every week – and each crime seems to grow more violent.

Police are simply not doing what they can even with their current resources.

By not making swift and massive changes to the system, those charged with protecting us are allowing Botswana to go down the road that so many other African countries have gone.

This is laziness, this is haplessness, this is a failure to the good people that live in this country. And it is time these people be called into account.

Not every official has failed us. There are many good people serving the people of Botswana. Chief among them is His Excellency President Seretse Khama Ian Khama. Since he came into office he has proven his desire to make Botswana an example of what Africa can be.

The problem seems to be those that report to him. It seems that often the statistics shared with President Khama concerning crime are not always truthful. That on more than one occasion he has even been told that crime has decreased not increased. The time has come for a change in the system.

It is time for the people of this country to let their voices be heard – very directly!

If you have been the victim of a major crime in the last year or from this point forward – after making your report to the police – make a copy of that report and send it directly to the Office of the President. A few days later, call the Office of the President and report the crime.

BE POLITE! Do not scream or yell – that will not move the cause forward! Simply tell them you would like it to be known that this crime was committed and you have made a proper report to the police but you would like the President to know what is going on in the country directly from the people.

This kind of direct action cannot be ignored if done in the proper numbers.

Let your voices be heard – its your country, your future.

Office of the President
Private Bag 001, Gaborone
Phone: +267 395 0800, 3950910  
Email: op.registry@gov.bw